RMEF Team Elk- New Mexico Black Powder Hunt

"There is just something different about hunting, it's an art, it's a learned skill and you get to have that passed down to you by people you really admire" said teen hunter Jessica Nielson as she goes on her first elk hunt with RMEF President and CEO David Allen in New Mexico. 

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North American Hunter- Start Training Your Hunting Partner Now

"...the majority of my time was spent outdoors riding my mule, or playing outdoor house- which included cow pies as dinner plates for my dining set." 

My first memory of video games came about when I was roughly eight years old. My grandparents bought my sister and I the first ever Nintendo; it came with Super Mario Brothers and for the hunting lovers out there, action packed duck hunting. Sure we played the Nintendo, but the majority of my time was spent outdoors riding my mule or playing outdoor house which included cow pies as dinner plates for my dining set. If you don’t know what a cow pie is, do your google search; that is some good old fashioned country kid stuff right there.

Fun was something that we had to work at creating, we had to use our imagination and work at making our little imaginary world come to life. Growing up on a small hobby farm, the mules were a great way for us to learn how to read the body language of animals and communicate non-verbally with them. Those little lessons taught me how to assert myself in a situation, to stand my ground and follow through with the task that I wanted to achieve. If any of you have ever handled mules, then you understand how strong willed they can be and as a kid, I learned to have a will that was even stronger than that of my mule.

Playing outside with other kids, afforded the opportunity to learn some pretty important life lessons from basic problem solving and how to deal with personality conflicts with other kids. When my dad took me hunting with him, we would spent days afield hunting without success and sometimes, success was simply a memory made together. This taught me delayed gratification, the reward lie ahead after the hard work had been put into the hunt. Effort=Reward 

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North American Hunter- 100 Years of Targeting Turkeys

Dallas Jones was blessed with having two volunteer guides, Mike Morgan and Marc Anderson, who had nearly 100 years of experience hunting the Morgan Family Farm in pursuit of turkeys.

Under the cover of darkness, Marc and Dallas moved into position, to a place that over the years had fondly been named, “The Killing Tree,” Meanwhile, Mike, Jason Suter (Dallas’s step-father) and I hung back in an effort to get a peek of the hunt without disrupting it.

In the pre-dawn light, we could hear the flock of birds still roosting in the trees below us. As the morning light gently started to peek over the horizon, the birds hit the ground with a thunderous flapping of wings. We could hear Marc coaxing the flock toward Dallas with a series of clucks and purrs.Before the sun had an opportunity to peak over the horizon, the hunt was over. Dallas had successfully been able to connect on his first turkey. This morning we had been blessed.

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RMEF Team Elk- Eli's Story

RMEF Team Elk member Kristy Titus helps 14-year-old Eli James on his first bull elk hunt. The James family from Indiana is a testament to what’s right with today’s families and youth. Eli and I had a great hunt and a ton of fun. Check it out....Airing on the Outdoor Channel Tuesday, Feb 10, 4:30 PM,Wednesday, Feb 11, 1:00 AM, Thursday, Feb 12, 10:30 PM, Saturday, Feb 14, 11:00 PM EST.

RMEF Team Elk- Youth Hunter Eli James Public Land NM

The sun still hung behind the eastern slopes of the mountains, she is going to rise but has not peeked her shining head above the horizon. Just a few more minutes and she will shine her lovely light across the basin. The bulls bugle rings in our ears like a church bell on a Sunday morning signaling the beginning of what is to be an epic first hunt for 14 year old Eli James.

Mentor Jim Craig, Eli's father Marty and Eli in the field.Eli is a remarkable young man, he is an RMEF Youth Member and participates annually in the Craig Family Camp at the S.A.F.E. Shooting Access for Everyone, a program that the Craig Family organizes locally in Indiana with the support of RMEF. In 2015, Eli will serve as a mentor to other kids at the camp.

Jim and Leann Craig, Co-founders of the Craig Family Camp, saw something special in Eli, possibly his love of the outdoors, respectful demeanor and an opportunity to create a legacy within Eli for the next generation of hunters.

At a mere 14 years old, Eli is an experienced hounds man, mentor to his little brother and other kids in his community and now, an accomplished public land New Mexico elk hunter.

Stay tuned for Season 6 of RMEF’s Team Elk television show airing on the Outdoor Channel to watch young Eli’s first experience hunting the most majestic animal in the world, bull elk in the heat of the rut and see for yourself why It’s In Our Nature. 

Bugle Magazine- Gear 101 Cabela's OutfitHER

The November/December 2014 issue of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Bugle Magazine, Gear 101 featured the latest and greatest in gear and clothing specifically for women and kids. It is no suprise that Cabela's OutfitHer and Meindl footwear for women was on the top of discussion.


Conservation. Hunting. Wildlife and Wild Places.

Bugle magazine puts all of the pieces of elk country together in six exciting issues each year.  When you become a member of RMEF, you help ensure a future for elk and other wildlife, while getting the very best of elk country and the hunt.

Through the pages of Bugle, we hope to inspire every RMEF member to help us do more to protect and enhance elk country. We like to explore issues affecting wildlife conservation, elk ecology, and hunting. We also really enjoy sharing good hunting stories and some of the best wildlife photography today.


RMEF Team Elk- Passing It On...

Archer Xtreme owner Mark Garcia takes his son on his first archery elk hunt. Also, we join Julia and Jessica Nielson on their first hunt for Mule Deer. David Allen and Kristy Titus are along as mentors for the ladies hunting adventures.  

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RMEF Team Elk- OR Youth Experience


Our youth are the front lines of conserving our hunting heritage. This week we take new hunters Jacob Taylor and Korie Campbell into the mountains of Oregon for two elk hunts that are surely made memories that will last a lifetime. 

RMEF's Team Elk television show airs on the Outdoor Channel Thurday at 10:00AM, Saturday & Sunday at 6:30PM EST.

RMEF Team Elk- An Early Start

The rough landscapes of the Missouri Breaks in Eastern Montana of deep draws, rock outcroppings and dense sage brush offer the perfect habitat for mule deer to flourish. It’s late November and the ground was covered with a dusting of snow, the rut was in full swing. The colder the temperatures, the better the hunting and with single digit mornings, we were in for some great mule deer hunting.

Beginning Thursday July 10 at 10:00AM, Saturday July 12 at 6:30PM and Sunday July 13 at 6:30PM watch two bright young ladies Kendal Compton and Sydney Soueidi brave sub-zero temperatures in pursuit of November Mule Deer bucks in Eastern Montana and get fired up to take a kid hunting this fall. This is the future of our time honored traditions, today we are creating a legacy for tomorrow.

2014 Youth Safari Experience

Dreams about adventures in the field shooting a hunting rifle or bow, putting a tag on a big buck or bull start at an early age and last a lifetime. Hunting and shooting sports are fun for the entire family at nearly any age. It is up to parents and mentors to help introduce kids to our heritage, helping to ensure the continuation of our time honored traditions and to create excitement in kids that translate into a thriving dedicated community of new hunters that are well equipped with outdoor skills, shooting fundamentals, hunting ethics and conservation principals.

The FREE Annual Youth Safari Experience at the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association range is a day of shooting and fun for the entire family. This year hosting 143 kids with a total of over 300 people including volunteers and parents. The event includes a 22 Rimfire Varmint Shoot, 3-Gun Airsoft, Cowboy Action Rimfire, Cowboy Lever Action Rifle and Shotgun, Archery, Wingshooting and the NWTF brought the Jakes Take Aim inflatable air gun range.

Adults mentor kids in a hands on, fun, positive environment instilling a solid foundation of safety, etiquette and ethics, often times before kids have attended Hunters Safety. Many stories were shared of shooting success building self-esteem and confidence within each child.

The kids had a great on the range while learning gun safety and shooting fundamental skills and ALL of the participants went home with a prize for attending. It is an honor to be part of our next generation of hunters and conservationists. 


Cabela's ACM 3D Archery Shoot

Cabela’s has been the link to family and friends in the great outdoors since 1961 and the ACM Cabela’s Great Outdoor Archery Event hosted by Cabela’s ambassador’s Luke Bryan and Justin Moore on April 5th fueled the excitement for country music lovers from around the world to experience the Cabela’s Regulator bow and invite them to take up the sport of archery.

You get some of the most talented artists in country music all together for an archery competition, it’s bound to be a good time and it’s as true blue American as it gets.  Social media was a frenzy over which team you would vote for to win the event. #TeamLuke: Tyler Farr, Austin Webb, Kristy Titus, Brian Kelley, Dallas Davidson, Dustin Lynch, Tyler Hubbard and Lee Bryce. #TeamJustin: Wade Middleton, Chuck Wicks, Ashton Shepherd, Chase Rice, Thomas Rhett, Josh Thompson, Chris Janson and Brantley Gilbert.

Everyone was split up into teams to compete in a real deal 3D archery tournament with targets positioned from 10-30 yards. Well known radio personality, Storme Warren was emcee and entertainment for the event keeping the crowd on fire cheering for their favorite team.

Online, fans could vote for their favorite team and at the end of the competition, the team with the most votes received an extra arrow. Fans on Twitter that tweeted #ACMCabelas were entered to win a Cabela’s Regulator bow.

It was a close race but #TeamJustin took the lead with 280 points, beating #TeamLuke with only 226 points.

After the event, fans were invited to stick around and try their own hand at archery where myself and other Cabela’s Outfitters helped them through their first time shooting a bow.

Being part of the Cabela’s family is such an honor and to be invited to promote the sport of archery with some of the best in country music was beyond my wildest dreams.

No matter what team you voted for, we are all on #TeamCabelas and we all loved the Regulator bow.


3rd Annual OR RMEF Youth Turkey Hunt

There is nothing more rewarding than taking a kid hunting, which is why every year I team up with the Rogue Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and local volunteer Jeff Heil for the opening weekend of the Oregon youth turkey season.  Jeff serves as the guide and I the cinematographer that captures the hunt on film later providing an edited version to the family. The turkey hunt is auctioned off at the local Medford Oregon RMEF banquet, where 100% of the proceeds benefit the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Hunting is Conservation. Many kids and adults alike may not understand this correlation, but while taking Tyler Seney out into the field for his turkey hunt, I was sure to talk with him about how his hunting trip directly benefitted conservation and the enhancement of habitat for elk and other wildlife, including turkeys. Pretty cool stuff to explain to a 15 year old young man.

In order to make the drive and get into position to hunt, Jeff and I met up with Tyler and his dad Shawn long before daylight. Our strategy was to set up on the turkeys just after they left the roosting tree. We had a significant advantage for our hunt because Jeff has hunted this particular piece of public land for many years and had a pretty good idea as to where the turkeys like to roost.

Using the cover of darkness as camouflage, the four of us slipped into the timber. When hunting you always take a calculated risk making moves in the dark, sometimes, the darkness offers you an advantage to move more freely without detection and sometimes it allows you to slip right in to where you want to be, only to find out you have slipped in a little too close and spoiled your morning hunt plans with spooked animals.

The latter scenario was exactly the case with our morning stalk. Perfectly executed, and accidently right directly under the roosting tree. There was just enough daylight for us to make out two turkeys flying away. 

Hunting is all about patience and perseverance, so quitting this early in the day is simply not an option. Off to Plan B, locating other turkeys. Several hours later without luck, we had made full circle. The look on Tyler’s face was priceless when out of nowhere we heard a turkey gobble. We were back in the thick of turkeys and lady luck had brought us the opportunity that we needed.

Jeff and Shawn slipped back and began calling and the turkeys came right in, a story book set up. The problem was that the two jake turkeys that came in were so young, that Tyler was not sure that they were not hens. This demonstrated sound hunting ethics and outstanding moral character for not taking the shot on the birds. When in doubt, go without. Our morning hunt had drawn to an exciting close with the decision to move onto another location.

We carefully sat at the base of the oak trees in our best effort to avoid the poison oak that was seemingly everywhere. Jeff had placed the decoys 20 yards in front of us in preparation for his calling set. We were employing a different strategy; we were calling blind in an area known to host a large number of turkeys.

The warm rays of the spring sunshine made the call set a delight. Call and wait, repeat, these are the days I enjoy most. The ones with good friends and family in the field on a nice warm day doing what we love most. It really does not get any better than that very moment where your only worry is if a turkey is going to catch you moving.

I was slightly dozed off, head against the tree when Tyler spotted the turkeys making their way towards us. The thrill was on when the two jakes came in at full strut, right up to the decoys. I am not sure what it is with turkey’s but they always seem to come in together and like to remain right on top of one another making a shot opportunity impossible.

Once again, Tyler was patient waiting for the turkeys to give him his opportunity. The two turkeys lost interest in the decoys quickly and tucked in and started pecking and scratching just below us and nearly out of sight. The waiting game was on. All we could do was hope that the turkeys would work their way back up the hill towards us giving Tyler his shot opportunity.

Motionless we waited as the jake turkey turned up the hill towards us and away from his companion offering Tyler the shot he had waited his entire life to take. With his father and new friends at his side Tyler had just successfully filled his turkey tag. This will surely be a hunt that he remembers for life and one day, he will re-tell his own children about his first ever turkey hunt with his dad on the mountain in Oregon.  In more ways than one, his hunt literally helped to continue a legacy that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Cabela's Spring Great Outdoor Days

The annual Cabela’s Spring Great Outdoor Days is the largest sale and event of the season, held on March 1st and 2nd offering a great opportunity for sportsmen and women to come into the store or visit online to get the latest and greatest products for spring adventures.

The stores host numerous demonstrations on cooking, archery, seminars and workshops that are fun for the entire family. This year, I was fortunate enough to be at the Springfield Oregon store at the Lil’ Hunters Calling Clinic where I was able to demonstrate to kids many of the sounds that wildlife make from and elk bugle, cow elk mew, doe bleat, buck grunt, turkey calls, rattling horns. The kids even had a chance to pet a real black bear skin rug and test out some of the calls for themselves.

Watching the faces of each child light up was priceless. Many kids returned to the booth several times to “hear it again”. I can’t wait for next year!



RMEF Team Elk Season 4- Girl Hunters MT Mule Deer

Girl Hunters RoCk...

The rough landscapes of the Missouri Breaks in Eastern Montana of deep draws, rock outcroppings and dense sage brush offer the perfect habitat for mule deer to flourish. It’s late November and the ground was covered with a dusting of snow, the rut was in full swing. The colder the temperatures, the better the hunting and with single digit mornings, we were in for some great mule deer hunting.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s President/CEO David Allen with Julie & Jessica NeilsonDavid Allen invited me to take afield four young ladies that all enjoy the outdoors and a spirit for hunting. Not just pretty faces here, these girls were tough and many giggles were shared and songs sang while tracking down mule deer bucks in the freezing cold. The excitement and anticipation of the hunt was a thrill for everyone.

Sydney Soueidi and Kendal Compton glassing for bucks.





Watching these young ladies help one another throughout the hunt was one of the most rewarding feelings that you can have as a mentor. This was a hunt that taught some great life lessons in perseverance and positive mental attitude; helping one another spot deer, track in the snow for hours and even pack heavy quarters over miles of terrain in single digit temperatures. The bonds that the girls forged will literally last a lifetime.Me, Kendal Compton and Sydney Soueidi packing out quarters.

These young ladies are a big part of the future of hunting and conservation. The memories that they take home and share with other young adults will help to grow a community of new hunters that are well equipped with outdoor skills, hunting ethics and conservation principals.

Hunting with 15 year old(s) Kendal, Julie and Sydney and 17 year old Jessica for mule deer was a trip that will never be forgotten by any of us and will be shared with everyone on the 2014 season of Team Elk airing on the Outdoor Channel.

Julie Nielsen all smiles with her buck.Kendal Compton with her stunning buck.Sydney Soueidi and her first buck! Way to go!!!


RMEF Team Elk Season 4- Korie Youth Cow Elk Hunt

RMEF Youth Ambassador Creating a Legacy...

The wind was blowing, it was cold, really cold. Winter had finally set in and elk hunting with 16 year old Korie was off to a blistering cold but exciting start. Korie is not only a tough hunter that is more than glad to brave single digit temperatures in pursuit of her hunting dreams, she is an outstanding young lady that is a true ambassador to youth hunters across the country.

Korie, a junior in high school, is on the honor Scott Reinhardt (Oregon State Co-Chair), Chad Klinkenborg (RMEF Regional Director – Northern Oregon), Marla Campbell, and Korie Campbell (Pendleton chapter volunteers) working the booth at the 2012 PBR Event in Pendleton, Oregon.roll, a member of the National Honor Society and an active RMEF Youth Member that volunteers her free time doing fundraising and habitat enhancement projects on behalf of the Pendleton Oregon chapter of RMEF. This is one amazing girl that is not afraid to get out there and get dirty removing sections of downed fence in a critical area where over 500 head of elk calve and migrate through each year.

Korie understands how hunting is conservation and even arranged for Northern Oregon Regional Director, Chad Klinkenborg, into coming to Pendleton to her Careers class this Fall to give a speech about his job and the RMEF.

The amount of time and service that Korie provides her community and state go on and on. Most recently, she and her father (RMEF Pendleton OR Chapter Chair) Tim took one of her friends, Donovan Pointer, who had drawn an elk tag out hunting when his own father was suddenly unable to take him. The trio had quite the hunt hiking for over 15 miles in freezing cold temperatures where Donovan was able to harvest his first elk. Both Korie and Donovan were able to experience the fact that the real work begins after the trigger is pulled and had a very long trek back to civilization packing out the elk.

Korie is truly helping to ensure the continuation of the next generation of elk and elk hunters.

It was an honor to share the field with Korie and her father Tim in her pursuit of elk for RMEF's Team Elk television show. Below you can read first hand Korie's account of our hunt together. I am truly looking forward to sharing it with all of you in 2014.


By Korie Campbell

People often ask me why I hunt; they ask why I enjoy spending my time out in the middle of nowhere, and why I love it so much. I just look at them, smile and say, “I hunt because that’s who I am.” Hunting is more than just a sport; hunting is a passion I have always shared with my dad. When I heard earlier this year that I was going to have this unique opportunity to be able to go on a filmed hunt with Kristy Titus and Team Elk, I was ecstatic. I had looked forward to this hunt for months, and it finally came, and it was the experience of a lifetime.


            After meeting landowners Chris and Donna Heffernan, Kristy Titus and Nolan Betterman (the cameraman) the previous evening to discuss our plan, we were met by Sheldon Heffernan in front of our sleeping quarters in the wee hours of the morning.  During the evening, it had snowed a couple inches in town and the higher in elevation we climbed the deeper the snow got and the more intense it was coming down.  We took a short drive to their property to get down to business.


            I remember shaking with excitement as I got myself ready to endure the day to come. The closer we got, the harder my body shook with excitement. We met Chris, laid out our game plan, and plotted to catch the elk on the move, but the snow storm created a bit of a challenge. While trying to position ourselves and stay hidden, we fought the changing wind and knew that the elk were not going to be moving much, as it was difficult to see and hear. We crept in the tree line and moments later, we heard an elk bugle; nothing gets your heart pumping faster than the sweet sound of a bugle while in the woods. It was a sign that there were elk here, and all we had to do was find them.


           Korie and her father Tim. After being stationary for a few minutes, we decided it would be better for us to move with the wind and to slowly ease our way down through the trees and go from there. We walked nice and slow and had our eyes and ears open. I was in the lead of our hunting party and the level of excitement was at a maximum when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. My heart started pounding as I stopped to take another look, and there were elk right in front of us. I turned around and looked at Kristy and whispered, “There are four elk right there.” The adrenaline was pumping through my veins as I looked through my scope, and it had me shaking. I lined up my crosshairs with a cow’s kill zone and when I heard Kristy give me the okay, I took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. After my shot, she ran right at us and stopped under a tree. I got myself ready for another shot, but she turned and headed downhill and we lost sight of her. After agreeing that I hit her, we decided to move down to where she was standing to look for blood, and more elk scattered. We searched the area and found nothing. We extended the search to a broader range, and finally spotted her. There she was, lying dead in the snow.


            The smile on everybody’s faces, the excitement around me, the hugs and the congratulatory Me, Kruger, Sheldon & Chris Heffernan, Korie & Tim Campbell at the skinning tree.comments provided a sense of accomplishment and made me realize that this experience was something I would never forget.


The fact that I got to share this extraordinary experience with my dad and that I was able to meet some amazing people along the way was incredible. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to hunt with Kristy, Nolan, the Heffernan family, and to have spent this time with my dad. It was definitely the hunt of a lifetime and I cannot wait to watch it on Team Elk in 2014.



RMEF Team Elk Season 4- Jacob Youth Cow Elk Hunt


Paul Gilliland (middle) on a successful hunt.



For Generations To Come…

Over 100 years of cherished hunting stories and memories that have literally been the bonds of the Ellis family all took place on this awe inspiring ground. In the late 1800’s Sam and Ida Walker settled this land to begin their family, never knowing the legacy that they would be leaving behind.

 This has been the ground that many hunters trekked Verna Gilliland and her dog.across for their first and some for their last hunt. Those that have passed still fondly remembered today. A monster bull elk is proudly on display in the old farmhouse, taken by avid huntress, and daughter of the Walkers, Verna Gilliland.







Her husband Paul’s old hunting license from 1911 can be found on the office wall today. At the time, Paul was a mere 21 years old.


“Experience what we have known for three generations…over 33,000 acres of diverse and challenging hunting terrain, picturesquely framed by the foothills of the Blue Mountains.”

                      Ellis Family Hunting Ranches Website

The love of the outdoors and continuation of the time honored hunting tradition is being shared by the Ellis family as it has been so for over three generations, this time with Jacob, his best friend Chase and Jacob’s father Keith. Both Jacob and Chase are exceptional 12 year old young men, both have a love of the outdoors and spirit of the hunt within each of them. This was the perfect place for them to share together in the experience of Jacob’s very first elk hunt. Paul Ellis, Jacob & Chase in the field.







This hunt was a special first for another reason as well, not only was this Jacob’s first elk hunt, but he would be the first in his household to hunt elk, ever. Be sure to tune into Team Elk Season 4 on the Outdoor Channel to see the time honored tradition of elk hunting be passed down from the Ellis family to the Taylor family, extending the legacy of the land and her grace for us all to enjoy.










Kids Creating the Legacy of a Lifetime

Kids Helping Kids Creating a Legacy…

12 year old Emmett palmed his Buck knife in preparation to skin his first ever deer, a Blacktail doe. His grip was firm but unsure; he was looking up to 18 year old Paxton and 16 year old Mikayla, veteran hunters for guidance.

This was my second time coming to Black Oak Outfitters in Roseburg Oregon with outdoor writer Gary Lewis to mentor youth hunters in pursuit of their first deer. Paxton and Mikayla have been doe hunting here for many years and have mentored numerous other kids with their first hunt success. Two years prior, I was den mother in camp while 16 year old Alexa harvested her first deer.

Paxton, Alexa and Mikayla were all back in camp to mentor 12 year old Emmett in his pursuit of a Blacktail doe. Kids literally creating their own hunting legacy, together creating memories that will last them all a lifetime.

The Oregon youth mentor program allowed my tag to be filled by Emmett in the rich landscapes of southern Oregon. The area hosts the perfect habitat for the Blacktail and whitetail deer to flourish, the perfect target rich location for youth hunters to harvest their first deer.

The doe was spotted feeding 70 yards away in the grassy oaks. Emmett had practiced in camp, taking aim and dry firing on trees, he was ready and without hesitation. Working the bolt, clicking the safety off my Browning .280, Emmett took aim and made a perfectly placed shot dropping the doe in her tracks.

Often times there is strength in knowing that someone else has been in your shoes, Emmett drew confidence in knowing that the other youth hunters that surrounded him were there to help him field dress his very first deer. All of them giving him tips on where to make the incision in the cape, how to hold the skin taught and even the angle of the knife.

Watching kids help one another is one of the most precious moments that life has to offer. Everyone in our camp was there to help fulfill Emmett’s dream of hunting, everyone was part of this once in a lifetime memory.

Gutting pumpkins and skinning deer with kids, that is how I want to celebrate Halloween every year.