NSSF SHOT Show Part 1

January marks the beginning of trade show season; a time where manufacturers launch the exciting new products that they have spent the past year(s) developing and perfecting. As a consumer, this time always leaves me feeling a bit like a child anxiously waiting for my turn to open Christmas presents. Vivid images fill your head of what exciting new technological advances or industry changing product lines will be unveiled, ultimately helping you fill your tag turning your upcoming dream hunt into a reality.

SHOT show was busy as usual, my feet taking me around the outdoor world so to speak to some of the best manufactures; Swarovski Optik and their latest and greatest modular spotting scope system, Under Armour with some exciting new additions to the women hunt line, Realtree launching their new camo pattern Xtra and Xtra Green, Eberlestock backpacks new Team Elk pack, the list goes on and on.

Working with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, I filmed segments for the new “Hunt Planner” portion of the RMEF’s newly redesigned website that will feature interactive information for the elk hunter geared towards before the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt. I filmed segments at SHOT featuring Browning rifles, Nosler bullets, Buck Knives, Eberlestock’s new Team Elk backpack, Hunting GPS Maps, Under Armour and Federal Premium Ammunition.

For my second year in a row, I teamed up with the Outdoor Channel on line bringing the latest and greatest from SHOT to the Outdoor Channel.com community, filming segments including Eberlestock and the new Team Elk backpack, Hunting GPS Maps, Under Armour, Swarovski Optik, Magpul Dynamics, Weatherby’s Team Gen X including Chad Mendes and Brendon Clark.

Somewhere in there I even managed an appearance at the Crosman booth. After that, I stopped by the OTIS booth and was honored when American Hero Dick Marcinko, founder of Navy Seal Team 6, Red Cell and author of New York Times best selling title “Rogue Warrior” and conservative talk show radio host “America on Watch” and Medal of Honor recipient Jon Cavaiani, took photos with me and autographed a pictures for my collection.

At the Under Armour “Ridge Reaper” television show premier Aaron Lewis rocked the house!!! The teaser for the upcoming show left everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the new series set to premier in the 3rd quarter on the Outdoor Channel.

By week’s end, I was limping between appointments, regretting not bringing along my Cabela’s Lady Hunter boots for my travels. Please check out the videos below to watch some of the videos that were filmed at SHOT. The remainder, you will be able to find on RMEF’s Hunt Planner website.

Eberlestock Team Elk Backpack: Under Armour Women Hunt: Brendon Clark Team Weatherby: Chad Mendez Team Weatherby: Chad Mendez Team Weatherby Favorite Hunt

The Outdoor Report

On November 30th, I did an interview with Jack Borcherding of the Oudoor Report Radio show, seving Oskaloosa Iowa and surrounding area. During the interview we discussed how I got involved in the outdoors, the companies that I serve such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Team Elk, Cabela's, Swarovski Optik, Under Armour, Realtree and the publications that I write for Elk Hunter Magazine and Western Hunter Magazine and what it means to me personally to be to be able to serve as a female ambassador for those companies all while  helping to ensure the continuation of our hunitng heritage, conservation of wildlife and habitat.   






Backcountry Hunting Gear List


Big game.big prep.always prepared. Always lethal
Under armour clothing
All items must be washed in unscented detergents prior to entering the field
· Ridge Reaper Crew Socks (1 pair for every 2-3 days) 
· Base Layer Top and Bottom1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 (1 for every 2-3 days) 
· Ridge Reaper Pant (Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Performance) Evo Camo Pant (Women’s light weight) Quest Pant (Women’s ArmourStorm Insulated) 
· Ridge Reaper Jacket (Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Performance) Quest Jacket ( Women’s Armour Storm Insulated) 
· Ridge Reaper ES Hoody (Men’s) Evo Camo Hoody (Women’s) or Camo FZ Hoody (Women’s) 
· Ridge Reaper Shell Jacket & Bib Pant (Scent Capture Technology, 100% Waterproof & Windproof) 
· Gaiters 
· Hurlock Glove (Coldgear), Ridger Reaper Glove or Women’s Camo Glove 
· Cap, Beanie, Neck Gaiter 
· Facemask 

Under armour Footwear
· UA Speed Freek (Early Season, 100% Waterproof Goretex) 
· UA Siberia (Cold Weather 800g. Primaloft Insulation, 100% Waterproof Goretex) 
· UA Strut- Camp Shoes 
· Blister kit (Moleskin, Blister Band-Aids) 

· Backpack Tent or Bivy Sack 
· Sleeping bag  
· Thermarest or similar product

· Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow
· Eberlestock Mini Me Daypack
· Hunting knife, Leatherman tool, Compact Limb Saw, Havalon Knife/scalpel
· Rifle– Sling & Scope Cover, Nosler Ammunition
· Bow– Sling on backpack, Arrows, Broadheads, Allen wrenches, String wax
· Flashlight/Headlamp (extra batteries)
· Water Filter & Tablets
· GPS, Map, Compass
· Mini fuel stove & fuel bottles (2, 22oz bottles)
· Compact Cook wear, Utensils, Cup
· Wilderness Athlete Performance Products, Dehydrated Food, Jerky, Granola, Trail mix, Instant Oats, Dried fruit, Packaged Tuna . Plan 2,000-3,500 calories of food per day, roughly consisting of 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat.

Swarovski Optik & Accessories
· EL 42 Swarovision Binoculars, Harness & Soft Cover
· 65mm HD Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Eyepiece
· 8x30 Laser Range Finder
· Tripod
· Lens cleaner/cloth/lens pen

Personal hygiene
· Toothbrush & Paste
· Small liquid soap
· Unscented Deodorant
· Toilet Paper (Stored in Zip lock Bag)
· Lip balm w/SPF
· Unscented baby wipes
· Basic Medicine (Advil or Aleve, Neosporin, Immodium, Throat Lozenges)
· Small first aid kit
· Sun block
· Insect repellant

· Liquid Smoke
· Bugling Bull Game Calls
· Camera (extra memory card)
· Small Videocamera
· Sunglasses
· Satellite Phone, SPOT
· Zip lock Bags (a few quart sized & gallon sized)
· Garbage Bags (a few leaf bags are best)
· Game Bags (2-3)
· Small notepad and pencil
· Hot Hands
· Cloth tape measure
· Flagging tape
· Nylon cord
· Repair Kit (needle, thread, duct tape) minimal qty.
· Outdoor Safe Survival Kit & Metal Match

· 40-90 Pound Pack
· Comfortably and safely transport yourself into remote country. Have mind & body preparedness.
· Crossfit or Weight Training
· Cardiovascular–
      Train realistically such as hiking with weighted pack
      Wear the same footwear that you will be wearing in the field
· Be comfortable and proficient with your bow/rifle. Practice in multiple shooting angles and conditions. Know your shooting limitations.
· www.outdoorsafe.com


Under Armour Oregon Rio Grande Turkey Hunt

Beautiful South West Oregon
Time to hit the road to meet up with Kevin Perry, the Outdoor Account Manager for Under Armour, to help with the first Oregon Cabela’s pre-grand opening, new store training. Kevin is originally from Georgia and currently resides in Colorado; this was his first trip out to my home state of Oregon. 
Wanting to share my deep rooted love of Oregon, I invited Kevin to hunt Rio Grande turkeys with me and my good friend Matt Thurman in the south west region of Oregon. Looking forward to a fun hunting trip with friends, I was excited as this was my first hunting trip in over a year that I had been out in the field without a video camera behind me.   
When Kevin’s plane touched down it was pouring down rain. I was nervous about the poor weather conditions continuing throughout the week and into the weekend; as this has been one of the wettest springs that I could recall for the valley. Even with the turkey populations being so abundant, the hunting had been tough going so far this season. 
The skies are getting ready to clear up.
After we completed the in-store training for Cabela’s, we climbed into my truck and headed south to meet up with Matt, an area local and turkey guru. To our delight, the weather broke just as we finished our drive and we were able to use the last hour of daylight to get out do some scouting before our morning hunt.
Like a typical woman, always being prepared, I asked Kevin if he grabbed his binoculars for our scouting trip and he quickly dismissed me saying that he would just use mine if need be. Coming from Georgia, if a turkey spots your car a ½ mile away he is gone like a flash, Kevin was not prepared for what we were about to encounter. Needless to say, Kevin spent most of the hour with my Swarovski’s in hand literally getting an eye full of proudly strutting toms, while I took the back seat.
The next morning with the weather cooperating, we put our scouting trip to work and crept into position under the cover of darkness near a roosting site. Sitting side by side, Kevin and I anxiously played the waiting game. We had scouted the area almost too well and ended up getting a little too close to the roosting tree and we were literally sitting below the flock. 
At first light, a raspy jake was making every effort to gobble; we were so close to the flock that we could hear the toms spitting above us. The scene really broke loose when a goose sounded off setting off a chain reaction causing the big gobblers to light up. The scene was absolutely story book with jakes, hens and gobblers all around us. 
A large tom took flight and landed directly in front of us with a second large tom right behind him. Knowing that there were more turkeys in the tree above us, after a quick communication between me and Kevin, we decided not to hesitate on the opportunity at the two mature gobblers.
Good times with great friends.
Taking aim, Kevin fired first and I quickly followed suit. Sitting side by side with my friend, we had managed to pull a double on two huge gobblers. Kevin’s tom had a 10 inch beard and mine was right behind with a 9 ½ inch beard. The remarkable feature on my tom,  that we will now call “Capt. Hook”, was the size of his spurs, which measured in at over 1 ¼ inch which is HUGE for Oregon.
Being thrilled with our success and everything happening so quickly, we weren’t ready to quit hunting. We decided to surprise 11 year old Hailey Miller by having her father Jim pull her out of school to take her with us hunting under the OR Youth Mentored Program. 
While we waited for Jim to pull Hailey out of school for our adventure, we decided to try and get Matt on a big gobbler. After changing locations, we had a gobbler respond to a hen yelp. 
Quickly, we set up the decoys and put Matt 20 yards out nestled in a clump of trees with his bow in hand. Kevin and I set up 40 yards from the decoys with the hopes of drawing the gobbler past Matt and within bow range. 
Our plan worked perfect once again as two excited young jakes came strutting up to the decoy. Matt decided to pass on the opportunity in hopes for finding a mature tom later on. By the time all of the action died down, it was time to go and meet up with Hailey and her dad Jim. 
As a group we spotted a large tom strutting across an open field on the edge of a wooded lot. We made a stalk by looping around him and into the woods; setting up just off from the field’s edge and safely out of sight. Hailey set up with Matt by her side and the decoy just in front of her. Kevin, Jim and I hung back in the woods and called to the gobbler. 
Quick to respond, the gobbler came in to our calls, but he was keen and held up 50 yards out strutting and displaying right in front of Hailey. Knowing her shooting limitations, Hailey patiently awaited the tom to come in closer to her. 
With all the commotion coming out of the woods, the neighbor’s dogs decided to come over and take a closer look spooking the tom before Hailey had an opportunity to take her shot. This set up had busted but we weren’t giving up.
A flock of Jakes; eager to come in to our calls.
Hailey was quick to spot the next flock of turkeys consisting of two mature toms and some jakes. We set up the same way that we had before. The flock was anxious to get to us but there was a fence separating us and no way for them to cross without flying, they quickly lost interest and moved on. 
At the end of the day, Hailey was really excited to have been out of school for the day with her dad and some new friends having some close encounters with some big gobblers. With anticipation building, Hailey now has caught turkey fever.
Kevin and I rounded out our trip by stopping in at the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Medford OR to say hello and picked up a second turkey tag, just in case. We spent the evening in the historic town of Jacksonville OR located at the entrance of the Applegate Valley Wine Country. This picture perfect historic village is a must see if you venture to southern OR. 
The quaint streets of Jacksonville Oregon.
Under clear sunny skies, while driving Kevin back towards the airport, we took the opportunity to take in some of Oregon’s most beautiful scenery in the broad and fertile Willamette Valley.  I was thankful to have been able to share such a wonderful weekend with friends in a place that I love enjoying all that is beautiful in the outdoors.
Jacksonville Oregon surrounding area.

Capt. Hook


Thanks for helping make this trip successful Under Armour, Swarovski Optik, Bugling Bull Game Calls & Eberlestock.
Gear List
Under Armour Clothing for Kristy
Base 2.0 Top
Camo Evo Cold Gear Pants
Camo Evo Cold Gear Hoody
Camo Full Zip Hoody
Quest Jacket & Pant
Women’s Camo Glove
Hurlock Glove
Camo Active Beanie
Speed Freek Boots
Hitch Lite Cushion Boot Sock
Swarovski Optik


EL 42 Swarovision Binoculars
Bugling Bull Game Calls
One Arm Bandit Turkey Call
Turkey Strutter Box
Gobbler Getter Turkey Tone Top
Raspy Cutter Turkey Tone Top

Misc. Gear
Eberlestock Mini Me Backpack
Wilderness Athlete Performance Bars, Energy Gel, Energy & Focus Drink Formula, Protein Plus