The Craig Family Camp- Ladies Instructional Shoot

She was beaming, her face lit up like a summer sunrise. “I did it,” she exclaimed while looking at her target with pride. It was the first time in her life that she had ever fired a rifle and much to her surprise, she hit the target exactly where she had lined up her crosshairs and pressed off the trigger, all ten rounds worth. Her apprehension at the bench was easy to see. Before she pressed off her first shot, I gave her a light touch to the shoulder and I told her that I knew she could do it, and she did.

That feeling of accomplishment that comes from hitting your mark, that feeling of empowerment that if you can learn to do this, you can learn to do anything. Having the ability and freedom to accomplish all of our hopes and dreams is exactly what this great country and the Craig Family Camp is about. The firearms gave these women a glimpse of more possibility on the horizon and a newly found confidence to work towards that possibility.

85 women attended the Craig Family Camp 1st Annual Women’s Instructional Shooting Day and 85 women went home with their lives being forever changed.  Some women had never shot or even touched a firearm in their life, while others had shot a rifle or shotgun but not a pistol. The camp provided the opportunity for women to shoot rifles, shotguns and pistols, all in a safe controlled environment with knowledgeable mentors and instructors.



The Craig Family Camp is a place where the outdoors and families come together. Many of the women that attended the camp arrived with the anticipation of a first hunting season, or they are taking a child on a hunt and wanted to be better prepared, while others came with the need to learn how to shoot in order to take greater responsibility of personal protection while in the home. The small town of Bloomington Indiana is filled with women that have a desire to become more involved with hunting, shooting sports and a desire to learn more about firearms.

The Craig Family is generous in heart, creating the camp that is free to attendees a place where friends and families have the opportunity to learn, grow and create memories. A place where traffic jams and email is replaced by campfires and hiking trails. A place to curl up next to the fire in the 5000 sq. ft. lodge with enveloped in conversation with a new friend.

The Craig Family wants all who walk upon this 100 acre wooded sanctuary to escape, grow, remember and pass on the lessons learned while here. An opportunity to encourage and empower others is what the camp is truly about.

A prayer was spoken before lunch was served, one that spoke of faith, family and friends, and the important things in life, the gift of time and knowledge. Glory to God for these gifts and as servants of the Lord, it is our responsibility to pass along the gifts that are given to us throughout life, to others creating a ripple effect that is felt by the world.

It is with many thanks that I give praise to the Craig Family for hosting such a tremendous community outreach and to the people within the community that generously donated their time, resources and knowledge. Beyond that, many left a lasting impression on our hearts from afar; Becky Layne from the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) traveled from Wyoming to show us all the support of the WSF. Her presence alone was a great gift, but the WSF gave more than that, they donated to the event, helping to make the entire day possible. The Buck Knives family owned company generously donated hats and knives with a famous forever warranty in support of the educational event.

Montana Silversmiths made women feel especially beautiful with their unique western designed and inspired jewelry and buckles that they generously donated in support of the event.

It is only with the support of families like the Craig’s, volunteers and generous donors that events like this are possible. This is truly a grass roots effort to ensure the continuation of our time honored hunting, outdoors and shooting sports traditions.

I am already looking forward to the 2016 event. If you or your company would like to become involved with supporting the Craig Family Camp, please contact Greg Stube, Executive Director of the Craig Family Camp at

North American Hunter- A Student Of The Gun

It seems the more that I learn about firearms, the less I realize that I actually know—which of course leads me to continually learn and train—a self-proclaimed student of the gun.

Santa Clause brought my sister and me our first firearm, a .22 LR that we promptly used on New Year’s Day for an Oregon high-desert rabbit hunt. As an adult, I have taken that early interest in firearms and hunting and flat-out blown it up into an obsession. It seems the more that I learn about firearms, the less I realize that I actually know—which of course leads me to continually learning and training—a self-proclaimed student of the gun.

With much of my firearm experience being in the fundamental development of shooting rifles, the past couple of years I have taken a strong interest in shooting a pistol. My interest is two-fold: The first reason is that I enjoy shooting a pistol at steel and hearing it ring, and the second is because as a concealed carrier, I want to understand my firearms limitations as well as my own as it relates to defensive situations.

My enthusiasm for skill development led me to Magpul Core to attend the “Handgun 1” course with the Director of Training for Precision Rifle Operations, Caylen Wojcik.

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Cabela's Industry Insider- Shoot Like A Girl at NRA

Shoot Like A Girl (SLG², Inc) is a company dedicated to growing the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them to particpate with confidence! Look for Shoot Like A Girl at six Cabela's Grand Opening Celebrations in 2015 and RMEF's Hunter Christmas.

LOL (Ladies of Lead) Group Therapy Range Day

A day at the range is always a great day. This particular day at the range was one that I had been looking forward to; a time to put into play the fundamentals that I learned while attending the LOL Group Therapy, LLC Course for the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.

Over the previous weeks, I had spent 8 hours in the classroom learning the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, shooting fundamentals, ammunition, range rules, pistol cleaning and the basics of the bench rest shooting position and the two handed shooting position.

It was so fun to get to learn with a great group of ladies that were as excited about guns as me!!!

Time to put it all together at the range for 4 hours of hands on instruction while shooting 50 rounds of .22LR, 10 rounds .38, 10 rounds of 9mm, and 5 rounds of 45ACP. Oh what fun it was to “drive” each caliber of pistol and see which ones felt and shot the best for me.  Many of the ladies were surprised how easy the recoil management was and a couple overcame their “fears” of shooting.

During the range day, I received my official title as “NRA Basic Practical” and am looking forward to taking my written exam for the certificate of course completion of the NRA Basic Pistol.

My next day at the range, I will qualify with LOL Group Therapy, LLC for my Promarksman and Marksman certifications. I can’t wait!!!