RMEF Team Elk- New Mexico Black Powder Hunt

"There is just something different about hunting, it's an art, it's a learned skill and you get to have that passed down to you by people you really admire" said teen hunter Jessica Nielson as she goes on her first elk hunt with RMEF President and CEO David Allen in New Mexico. 

Tune into RMEF's Team Elk airing on the Outdoor Channel, Monday at 9:30am, Saturday at 6:30pm, and Sunday at 5:30pm EST.


Swarovski Optik Quests- Texas Aoudad

It has been made official... I am out of the <1 Club thanks to an extraordinary Aoudad hunt with Dean Capuano for Swarovski Optik Hunting Quests and Offgrid Outdoors airing on the Outdoor Channel. For me, the hunt was filled with highs and lows, ones that we all can relate to as hunters but perseverance paid off and I was able to take this big old ram. 

RMEF Team Elk- The Iron Gate

RMEF Team Elk Host Brandon Bates and country music artist Josh Thompson hunt Colorado and find a bull with a very distinct sound in this weeks episode. Don't miss it, Saturday at 6:30PM and Sunday at 5:30PM EST on the Outdoor Channel. 

RMEF Team Elk- Like The Old Days

A brand new episode of Team Elk airs this week on the Outdoor Channel. Don't miss "Just Like the Old Days". Lifelong friends Bill McBeath and George Berry hunt public land in Nevada, just like they did growing up together. Check out the preview...

RMEF Team Elk- Eli's Story

RMEF Team Elk member Kristy Titus helps 14-year-old Eli James on his first bull elk hunt. The James family from Indiana is a testament to what’s right with today’s families and youth. Eli and I had a great hunt and a ton of fun. Check it out....Airing on the Outdoor Channel Tuesday, Feb 10, 4:30 PM,Wednesday, Feb 11, 1:00 AM, Thursday, Feb 12, 10:30 PM, Saturday, Feb 14, 11:00 PM EST.

RMEF Team Elk Named Golden Moose Award Finalist 2015

Story Courtesy of RMEF Blogspot:

RMEF Team Elk, theRocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s TV show, is a finalist for the upcoming 15th Annual Golden Moose Awards (GMA). The program is one of 12 finalists in the running for “Best Conservation, Education & Instruction.”

“We are not in the conservation business to win awards, but at the same time it’s nice when peers recognize the hard work our folks dedicate to this production,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “Winning or losing on awards night won’t change the fact that we have a very dedicated and talented marketing and production team that excels in what they do. It’s great that others have taken some notice of those efforts.”

The GMAs are the country’s premiere outdoor entertainment awards featuring programs that air on the Outdoor Channel. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, January 22, at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas during the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) and Conference.


Among the GMA presenters are Sarah Palin, Joe Mantegna, Craig Morgan and Eva Shockey. The event will include musical performances by Ted Nugent, Nate Hosie and Kari & Billy.
For the first time ever, Outdoor Channel will be streaming the GMA live athttp://outdoorchannel.com/goldenmooseawards. And, fans can get real-time Golden Moose Awards updates and images from Outdoor Channel talent by following the #GoldenMoose hashtag on social media.
RMEF Team Elk, presented by Cabela’s and hosted by Brandon Bates, focuses on elk, elk habitat and elk hunting. Season five features great storylines and adrenaline-filled hunts that spotlight the beauty of the backcountry and the importance of conservation and our hunting heritage. Featured hunts include a Fort Hood shooting victim who finally realizes his dream of hunting elk after almost losing his life in the 2009 attack, a wounded warrior seeking to punch her elk tag in California and many more adventures. 
RMEF Team Elk was also nominated for and eventually won a Golden Moose Award in 2011 for “Fan Favorite New Series.”

RMEF Team Elk Season 5- New Adventures, Faces and Times

RMEF Team Elk- Knocked Off in MT

My cheek was perfectly rested on the weld of my rifle stock, the bull was bedded in my crosshairs. Laying in the prone position on the steep mountainside, I had somehow managed to wedge myself against some rocks, able to hold the position and keep from sliding down the mountain’s face. Time was ticking by…slowly. An hour had passed, waiting for the magnificent bull to take to his feet.

This is the moment that hunters dream about, plan and prepare for. Spending nearly 700 rounds at the range practicing out to 1000 yards shooting angles and hasty resting positions, planning that when this moment arose, with a 6 point bull in my crosshairs, one press of the trigger and I would be packing the bounty of fresh meat off of the mountain to take home to my family.

Some dreams simply don’t come true no matter how much we practice, plan or pray. This is a hunt that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Six days of daylight to dark hiking in snow storms in some of the steepest roughest terrain that the good Lord created. Watch Season 6 of RMEF’s Team Elk to see what happened on the mountain in MT that week. 

RMEF Team Elk- Youth Hunter Eli James Public Land NM

The sun still hung behind the eastern slopes of the mountains, she is going to rise but has not peeked her shining head above the horizon. Just a few more minutes and she will shine her lovely light across the basin. The bulls bugle rings in our ears like a church bell on a Sunday morning signaling the beginning of what is to be an epic first hunt for 14 year old Eli James.

Mentor Jim Craig, Eli's father Marty and Eli in the field.Eli is a remarkable young man, he is an RMEF Youth Member and participates annually in the Craig Family Camp at the S.A.F.E. Shooting Access for Everyone, a program that the Craig Family organizes locally in Indiana with the support of RMEF. In 2015, Eli will serve as a mentor to other kids at the camp.

Jim and Leann Craig, Co-founders of the Craig Family Camp, saw something special in Eli, possibly his love of the outdoors, respectful demeanor and an opportunity to create a legacy within Eli for the next generation of hunters.

At a mere 14 years old, Eli is an experienced hounds man, mentor to his little brother and other kids in his community and now, an accomplished public land New Mexico elk hunter.

Stay tuned for Season 6 of RMEF’s Team Elk television show airing on the Outdoor Channel to watch young Eli’s first experience hunting the most majestic animal in the world, bull elk in the heat of the rut and see for yourself why It’s In Our Nature. 

RMEF Team Elk- John Day River Headwaters Acquisition

Opening morning of archery elk season. This is the day that every elk hunter plans for and dreams about from the minute the sun sets on the final day. Opening day last year, public land hunters like me and my dad weren’t able to access this land because it was privately owned…but the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation changed all of that.

Snuggled between two wilderness areas in the icy-cold headwaters of the John Day River, 13,000 acres of privately held timberlands is now forever protected and open for all to hunt, hike, fish and explore.

The project created an unbroken expanse of 150,000 acres connecting the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness on the west border to the Monument Rock Wilderness on the

east border of prime elk habitat. This is a project that every public land hunter stands to benefit from with the area holding the most Boone & Crockett entries for typical Rocky Mountain Elk in the state.




This is the story of the first public land hunt in the John Day headwaters acquisition. Stay tuned for season 5 of RMEF’s Team Elk airing on the Outdoor Channel. 


Swarovski Optik Quests Season 4 Episode 2

Cranston, Rhode Island - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, is pleased to announce Episode 2 of its Season 4 show SWAROVSKI OPTIK Quests: With the Eyes of a Hawk. In this episode, high-quality long-range optics are showcased on a hunt for Rocky Mountain Elk, one of the largest herbivores in North America.

Just 60 miles north of Los Angeles, the second most populous city in the United States, lies some of the finest elk hunting in North America. SWAROVSKI OPTIK Quests host Dean Capuano is taking Kristy Titus, editor for Western Hunter andElk Hunter magazines, to a wapiti hot spot known as Tejon Ranch. Sitting on over a quarter-million acres of private wild ground, Tejon Ranch is the largest continuous expanse of private land in California and a great location to demonstrate the success of using top-of-the-line SWAROVSKI OPTIK glass.

Kristy Titus said, "The Tejon Ranch has 90% of the 280,000 acre ranch permanently conserved for elk and other wildlife, leading the way for conservation in not only the state of California but across the nation. They are demonstrating that their combination of sound ranching, farming and carefully managed hunting practices has created a thriving environment for the wildlife that calls the Tejon Ranch home and are currently holding some of the oldest and largest free range Rocky Mountain Elk in the United States."

"This hunt at the Tejon ranch is really something special," said Dean Capuano. "To be able to have just a short drive from the city of Los Angeles and be in such a beautiful pristine place is surreal. The elk herd they have at the ranch is nothing short of amazing. "

This ground-breaking series will air this summer and fall on The Outdoor Channel. Each action packed episode features a team of SWAROVSKI OPTIK Pro-Staffers in search of difficult but highly sought-after trophies. Traveling the globe with corporate partners that include RAM, Safari Club International and HS Precision rifles, the locations are nothing short of exotic, the terrain rugged and exciting but with optics to match. SWAROVSKI OPTIK is at the top of every hunter and outdoorsman's dream list. All over the world, enthusiastic hunters place their trust in the long tradition and uncompromising excellence of the high-quality, high precision long-range optics that SWAROVSKI OPTIK offers.

Show times are Tuesday 1 am, Wednesday 6 pm, and Sunday 10:30 am EST.


NSSF SHOT Show Part 2

For my second year in a row, I teamed up with the Outdoor Channel on line bringing the latest and greatest from SHOT to the Outdoor Channel.com community bringing you the latest and greatest products in the industry. Check out what is HOT and NEW from Swarovski Optik, Hunting GPS Maps and MagPul Dynamics.

 Swarovski Optik

Hunting GPS Maps

Magpul Dynamics


Talking Ground Sausages with Crosman

NSSF SHOT Show Part 1

January marks the beginning of trade show season; a time where manufacturers launch the exciting new products that they have spent the past year(s) developing and perfecting. As a consumer, this time always leaves me feeling a bit like a child anxiously waiting for my turn to open Christmas presents. Vivid images fill your head of what exciting new technological advances or industry changing product lines will be unveiled, ultimately helping you fill your tag turning your upcoming dream hunt into a reality.

SHOT show was busy as usual, my feet taking me around the outdoor world so to speak to some of the best manufactures; Swarovski Optik and their latest and greatest modular spotting scope system, Under Armour with some exciting new additions to the women hunt line, Realtree launching their new camo pattern Xtra and Xtra Green, Eberlestock backpacks new Team Elk pack, the list goes on and on.

Working with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, I filmed segments for the new “Hunt Planner” portion of the RMEF’s newly redesigned website that will feature interactive information for the elk hunter geared towards before the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt. I filmed segments at SHOT featuring Browning rifles, Nosler bullets, Buck Knives, Eberlestock’s new Team Elk backpack, Hunting GPS Maps, Under Armour and Federal Premium Ammunition.

For my second year in a row, I teamed up with the Outdoor Channel on line bringing the latest and greatest from SHOT to the Outdoor Channel.com community, filming segments including Eberlestock and the new Team Elk backpack, Hunting GPS Maps, Under Armour, Swarovski Optik, Magpul Dynamics, Weatherby’s Team Gen X including Chad Mendes and Brendon Clark.

Somewhere in there I even managed an appearance at the Crosman booth. After that, I stopped by the OTIS booth and was honored when American Hero Dick Marcinko, founder of Navy Seal Team 6, Red Cell and author of New York Times best selling title “Rogue Warrior” and conservative talk show radio host “America on Watch” and Medal of Honor recipient Jon Cavaiani, took photos with me and autographed a pictures for my collection.

At the Under Armour “Ridge Reaper” television show premier Aaron Lewis rocked the house!!! The teaser for the upcoming show left everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the new series set to premier in the 3rd quarter on the Outdoor Channel.

By week’s end, I was limping between appointments, regretting not bringing along my Cabela’s Lady Hunter boots for my travels. Please check out the videos below to watch some of the videos that were filmed at SHOT. The remainder, you will be able to find on RMEF’s Hunt Planner website.

Eberlestock Team Elk Backpack: Under Armour Women Hunt: Brendon Clark Team Weatherby: Chad Mendez Team Weatherby: Chad Mendez Team Weatherby Favorite Hunt