North American Hunter- A Friend Like No Other

There’s no greater joy than a successful hunt with your friends and family by your side—or so I thought until I started hunting with dogs. A dog is man’s best friend, and that's just the beginning.

A dog can also be man’s best hunting partner. If you’re completely obsessed with hunting like I am, a dog will always want to head out for the hunt, they never come up with lame excuses as to why they can’t go or bail out on you last-minute. And there’s nothing better than the joy of watching your dog hunt. Besides, a good dog will make your hunt easier and more successful.

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North American Hunter- Maximize Your Meat

It’s nearly the moment you’ve all been waiting for: elk season opener. Here are a few very simple—yet vital—tips to help you maximize your meat quantity and quality.

Correctly processing big game at home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have little experience processing a large animal such as a deer or an elk. Recently, I spent a couple of hours with my local butcher watching him process deer. Here are the vital tips and tricks I picked up that you need to remember when you take your deer or elk from field to fork.

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North American Hunter- Bullet Selection for Big Game

The most important aspect to hunting success is the person behind the gun selecting a suitable bullet type and weight that affords maximum terminal performance for the intended game animal.

Hunting bullets are designed to terminally perform in different ways for specific hunting purposes which varies from varmints to big game. The bullet we pick will change depending on the quarry we're hunting.

Depending on the caliber of your rifle, there may be dozens of different bullet brands, types and weights to choose from which is why selecting a well-constructed, reliable bullet that expands enough to carve out a devastating wound canal while retaining enough weight to ensure adequate penetration to reach the vital organs after passing through muscle and bone is necessary for a terminally performing big game bullet.

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North American Hunter- The Perfect Sight Picture

Managing your sight picture for terminal downrange performance is not a skill that you can buy. 

Terminally connecting on that trophy of a lifetime with a single, well-placed bullet or arrow is critical on every hunt. Learning to manage your sight picture with your bow and rifle will help you to become a more accurate marksman, and ensure that the bullet or arrow is delivered where it needs to go for quick and terminal placement on big game animals.

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North American Hunter- Start Training Your Hunting Partner Now

"...the majority of my time was spent outdoors riding my mule, or playing outdoor house- which included cow pies as dinner plates for my dining set." 

My first memory of video games came about when I was roughly eight years old. My grandparents bought my sister and I the first ever Nintendo; it came with Super Mario Brothers and for the hunting lovers out there, action packed duck hunting. Sure we played the Nintendo, but the majority of my time was spent outdoors riding my mule or playing outdoor house which included cow pies as dinner plates for my dining set. If you don’t know what a cow pie is, do your google search; that is some good old fashioned country kid stuff right there.

Fun was something that we had to work at creating, we had to use our imagination and work at making our little imaginary world come to life. Growing up on a small hobby farm, the mules were a great way for us to learn how to read the body language of animals and communicate non-verbally with them. Those little lessons taught me how to assert myself in a situation, to stand my ground and follow through with the task that I wanted to achieve. If any of you have ever handled mules, then you understand how strong willed they can be and as a kid, I learned to have a will that was even stronger than that of my mule.

Playing outside with other kids, afforded the opportunity to learn some pretty important life lessons from basic problem solving and how to deal with personality conflicts with other kids. When my dad took me hunting with him, we would spent days afield hunting without success and sometimes, success was simply a memory made together. This taught me delayed gratification, the reward lie ahead after the hard work had been put into the hunt. Effort=Reward 

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North American Hunter- Back Country Food For Thought

Backcountry Food For Thought Hunting season is just around the corner, and now is the time to finalize the touches on gear preparation.

Anyone heading to the mountains this year to pursue elk? Backcountry hunts can break you down physically, so it’s extremely important to pack high-quality, whole natural foods to recharge and refuel your body. Consuming a balanced meal every 3-4 hours consisting of carbohydrates, complete protein and fat at every meal throughout the day ensures more energy, quicker recovery times and more efficient use of stored body fat as a fuel source.

Below you will find some ideas for lightweight, quick and nutritious foods that will help fuel your next back country adventure.

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North American Hunter- A Student Of The Gun

It seems the more that I learn about firearms, the less I realize that I actually know—which of course leads me to continually learn and train—a self-proclaimed student of the gun.

Santa Clause brought my sister and me our first firearm, a .22 LR that we promptly used on New Year’s Day for an Oregon high-desert rabbit hunt. As an adult, I have taken that early interest in firearms and hunting and flat-out blown it up into an obsession. It seems the more that I learn about firearms, the less I realize that I actually know—which of course leads me to continually learning and training—a self-proclaimed student of the gun.

With much of my firearm experience being in the fundamental development of shooting rifles, the past couple of years I have taken a strong interest in shooting a pistol. My interest is two-fold: The first reason is that I enjoy shooting a pistol at steel and hearing it ring, and the second is because as a concealed carrier, I want to understand my firearms limitations as well as my own as it relates to defensive situations.

My enthusiasm for skill development led me to Magpul Core to attend the “Handgun 1” course with the Director of Training for Precision Rifle Operations, Caylen Wojcik.

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North American Hunter- Magpul Core Training For Hunters

Magpul Core is all about getting unconventional, which as a hunter, is great practice. Learning how to build a shooting position in unconventional ways increases success afield.

In order to be the best, you have to train with the best—and Magpul Core offers some of the most comprehensive long- range precision rifle instruction (LRPR) available to civilians in the country. In fact, I am such a fan of the Magpul Core curriculum that this was my third time attending the LRPR course.

Why keep coming back? Because the fundamentals of marksmanship are a perishable skillset, and Caylen Wojcik, director of training of Precision Rifle Operations for Magpul Core, has served 8 years as a Marine Scout Sniper, executing more than 100 combat missions and giving civilians an opportunity to train with one of the most respected snipers in the country.

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North American Hunter- Oregon Mountain Turkey Hunting

My breath hung in the air like slowly drifting smoke. Spring was slowly arriving, but not this morning.

The cold mountain air bit at my face. Peering into the deep, timber-filled draws with box call in hand, my good friend, hunting partner and fellow Cabela’s Pro Staffer, Jim Brennan, let out a series of hen yelps with the hopes of enticing a tom turkey to gobble.

Carl, a fellow Central Oregon local, had been so gracious to share the morning hunt with us. These public land mountains had been hunted by him in pursuit of turkeys for many years and he knew just were to check for birds coming off the roost.

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North American Hunter- Having What It Takes

Does the bulk of your hunting practice include doing everything right to make the shot? Ok, so how do you practice getting yourself into position to make that heavily practiced shot?

Luck Is Made

When I started shooting archery in my early 20s, I shot a youth bow set at a mere 18 pounds with a 26-inch draw length, aiming at a target only 10 yards away. Having arrowed my largest bull elk, I had come a long way. Practice and training made the perfect partnership for success.

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North American Hunter- Titus Talks with Turkeys Part 2

Have you ever tried to sit absolutely still and not move a single inch for nearly 20 minutes—or longer in some cases—while turkey hunting?

Did you get a chance to ready part No. 1 of this post? Well, after a few moments of long anticipation, Spencer chose his bird and pulled the trigger. Game over. And then it was my turn …

If you are going to be successful at hunting turkeys, you had better be comfortable sitting for long periods of time. Fortunately for us ladies, the OutfitHer Tat’r turkeyvest has it all—comfort, with a cushy speed seat, back and lumbar padding for support and a true custom fit. You can fit everything you need in the field into the specially designed pockets and pouches.

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North American Hunter- 100 Years of Targeting Turkeys

Dallas Jones was blessed with having two volunteer guides, Mike Morgan and Marc Anderson, who had nearly 100 years of experience hunting the Morgan Family Farm in pursuit of turkeys.

Under the cover of darkness, Marc and Dallas moved into position, to a place that over the years had fondly been named, “The Killing Tree,” Meanwhile, Mike, Jason Suter (Dallas’s step-father) and I hung back in an effort to get a peek of the hunt without disrupting it.

In the pre-dawn light, we could hear the flock of birds still roosting in the trees below us. As the morning light gently started to peek over the horizon, the birds hit the ground with a thunderous flapping of wings. We could hear Marc coaxing the flock toward Dallas with a series of clucks and purrs.Before the sun had an opportunity to peak over the horizon, the hunt was over. Dallas had successfully been able to connect on his first turkey. This morning we had been blessed.

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North American Hunter- Old Guns Never Die

The old rifle sat in the corner of my dad’s shop for as long as I can remember. The barrel reads: “Old Reliable,” Sharps Rifle Co., Bridgeport Conn.

The round barrel had been cut down to a fraction of its once 30-inch length, but it remained on the original Model 1878 hammerless .45-70 Govt. sporter action that rested on a beat-up replacement of the original stock. We’d never fired the rifle because it was extremely old and appeared fragile.

The gun was something that my father and I had taken little interest in—until this year when I made the decision to invest in “Old Reliable” and have the once state-of-the-art sporting rifle restored to her original glory by Doug Turnbull of Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co.

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North American Hunter- So You Wanna Shoot Far?

Long-range shooting and precision marksmanship require all of the components of your shooting system—including your rifle, riflescope, ammo and shooter—to be reliable, consistent and repeatable.

During the past 3 years, having taken an interest in long-range precision marksmanship training with Magpul Core, it’s become important for me to setrtch the farthest possible distance with my rifle, cartridge and optic combination. It’s simply something that interests me right now, during this stage of my hunting and shooting “career.”

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North American Hunter- Are You Digging Deep?

Regardless of which conservation groups you belong to, it’s that time of year outdoorsmen look forward to … banquet season! It’s a good time for a great cause.

Volunteers have worked countless hours arranging and organizing events, putting in countless hours of hard work and service. The conservation movement that comes from funds generated from banquets are critical for habitat improvements to wild places across the country. I believe I speak for everyone in the fact that we all appreciate the time, effort and energy from volunteers across our great nation.

Having the freedom to climb to the tops of the highestRMEF Rose City Chapter Youth Elk Calling Contestants  mountains in pursuit of our favorite game with our friends and family creating memories that last a lifetime and beyond is priceless. Our great country and the wild places there in are the exact reason for conservation.

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North American Hunter- Giant B's of the Clearwater

An amazing adventure doesn’t always mean many battles won, rather the experience you get to take with you in the form of memories.

The Clearwater River is home to some of the finest steelhead fishing in the world, a place where anglers gather from around the globe for the opportunity at true world-class fish. When Gary Lewis, a long-time friend and mentor, author and the host ofFrontier Unlimited TV approached me to film a fishing show with him on the Clearwater, I knew I was in for a “reel” good time. 

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North American Hunter- Kristy Will Help You Find Or Fix Love

Gentlemen (or ladies, but we doubt this applies to you), if you forgot Valentine’s Day—or if you decided to hunt snow geese instead—Kristy Titus just might be able to keep you from sleeping on the couch for the next 3 months. 

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North American Hunter- A Pursuit Like No Other

Adventure has an un-canny way of finding me. My heart is wild and it yearns to soar on the tops of the mightiest of mountains, in places where I become one with nature in the harshest of elements. 

British Columbia holds all the promise of what my heart yearns for: adventure, the intoxicating sound of nothing but the wind whispering to me through the trees, a place where I can hunt the hunters—mountain lions—with the aid of my best friend and companion, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kruger, at Otter Lake Outfitters.

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North American Hunter- Winter 2014


Hunting Calories During The Offseason

Targeting your heart rate will allow you to more accurately target more fat, and a lean hunter can go farther and hunt harder.

In the Winter 2014 issue of North American Hunter Magazine, my latest article discusses how you as a hunter can cover more miles and increase your hunting opportunities with cardiovascular training. A stronger heart and lungs allow you to travel farther-faster-and leave you with shorter recovery times, which equates to more sets and calling more predators.

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