North American Hunter- Titus Talks with Turkeys

Spring has finally sprung and the thunder is rolling—from thunder chickens that is! After a long winter and a few hunting opportunities, spring has finally arrived and with it comes the excitement of spring turkey season.

The sound of a tom turkey drumming his feathers is absolute music to every turkey hunter’s ears, leaving your hands shaking and heart pounding. In order for the moment of truth to arrive, first we must gear up, and for us ladies that is much easier and more fun to do than ever.

Shop, Shop, Shop—‘Til You Drop …
It was like having tunnel vision, working our way down the steep mountainside in the dark toward the valley below. I could hear the roar of the swollen creek, with waders in hand, I was prepared to cross. This was turkey hunting at its best.

The quick water rushed against my legs as I slowly waded across. The water was surprisingly warm compared to the cool morning air. As we made our way up the other side of the mountain, the sun was beginning to light up the sky and then we heard it—our first gobble.

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