NRA News- I Am Forever- A Better Life In America

I Am Forever is the story of the American dream, told from three perspectives.

Episode 2, "A Better Life in America," contrasts Nick's bleak existence as a child in Nazi-occupied Greece with the comfortable state of 21st-century American life. Meanwhile, Kristy, Jessi and Faith complete their first day in the wild.

Guests: Cam Edwards, Caylen Wojcik, Seton Motley, Luke Carrick, Cody Carroll, Faith and Jessi. 

NRA News- I Am Forever

Just after the Founding Fathers finalized the Constitution, Ben Franklin stepped outside Independence Hall, where he was met by an intensely interested crowd. When a woman asked, “Well, doctor, what have we got—a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin famously replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

His point, of course, was that freedom’s great danger is that free individuals can use their freedom in ways that destroy it. Freedom’s survival in America depends upon the decisions of individuals, not the edicts of a government.

There is no point in time where freedom will ever be secure. The battle will rage forever, and every generation is enlisted to fight.

You’ll see this story play out all season on I Am Forever through three distinct parts:

The Past

Born in Greece on the eve of the Nazi occupation, Nick was able to come to America after the war because his mother was an American citizen. Driven by the tragedy, starvation and destruction he left behind, he seized every opportunity America had to offer.

The Present

Over the course of this season, a group of commentators will attack the soft underbelly of American culture, and how so many of the decisions we are making are contrary to freedom's survival.

The Future

Kristy Titus invites two women, Jessi and Faith, on a 25-mile backcountry adventure in order to reflect upon the values that keep us free, how they will live out those values, and how they will spread them in their families and communities.


Tech Tuesday- Magpul Hunter 700 Stock

Fit is key to downrange accuracy on all firearms. This past week in the NRA Women’s Network, Tips & Tactics, I discussed some considerations to make when evaluating rifle fit. One of the barreled actions that I used in the tips was set into a Magpul Hunter 700 stock.

I am a big fan of the Hunter 700 stock for many reasons- first, the length of pull (LOP) is easily adjustable from 13.0-15.0” with .5” spacers accommodating nearly any sized shooter. My LOP is actually 12.5” but the 13” adjusted LOP is still short enough to allow me to consistently mount the rifle for increased downrange accuracy.

The cheek comb height is adjustable as well allowing the shooters eye to be properly aligned with the mounted optic. The stock comes pre-fitted with a .25” riser and includes the option of a .50” and .75” to adjust weld locations for a multitude of shooters.

The stock is a true drop in fit for standard Remington 700 short actions with stock Remington hinged floor plates. It is light weight at 2.9 pounds making it a great fit for your mountain rifle.

And last, the price is what sets the Hunter 700 stock apart from the rest with a retail price of $259.99 available at Cabela’s in black and flat dark earth colors. 

Cabela's Industry Insider- Magpul Hunter 700 at NRA

Magpul Hunter 700 Stock 

    • True drop-in stock that requires no bedding
    • Fully adjustable length of pull from 13”-15” with 0.50” spacer
    • Adjustable comb height and enhanced ergonomics
    • Reinforced polymer shell with Type III anodized aluminum block
    • Tapered beam design provides rigidity through the forend
    • 60° angle grip from the bore axis produces a comfort, firm hold
Tailor your Remington to fit like a glove with Magpul's Remington Short Action Hunter 700 Stock. The fully adjustable length of pull from 13”-15” with 0.50” spacers, adjustable comb height and enhanced ergonomics equate to a true drop-in stock that requires no bedding. A reinforced polymer shell with machine-finished Type III hard anodized aluminum bedding block resists damage even in austere environments. Tapered beam design provides rigidity through the forend. 60° angle grip from the bore axis produces a comfort, firm hold. M-LOK™ slots on the forend sides and bottom accept a broad range of accessory and mounting options. Includes a rubber recoil butt-pad.  Compatible with all stock Remington bottom metal. Free-floats all Remington barrels, and accepts factory and most after-market triggers. Three dimpled drill points allow installation of optional standard swivel studs. Left- and right-side 1-1/4” footman loops.
Wt: 2.9 lbs.
Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth.