North American Hunter- Old Guns Never Die

The old rifle sat in the corner of my dad’s shop for as long as I can remember. The barrel reads: “Old Reliable,” Sharps Rifle Co., Bridgeport Conn.

The round barrel had been cut down to a fraction of its once 30-inch length, but it remained on the original Model 1878 hammerless .45-70 Govt. sporter action that rested on a beat-up replacement of the original stock. We’d never fired the rifle because it was extremely old and appeared fragile.

The gun was something that my father and I had taken little interest in—until this year when I made the decision to invest in “Old Reliable” and have the once state-of-the-art sporting rifle restored to her original glory by Doug Turnbull of Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co.

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North American Hunter- Are You Digging Deep?

Regardless of which conservation groups you belong to, it’s that time of year outdoorsmen look forward to … banquet season! It’s a good time for a great cause.

Volunteers have worked countless hours arranging and organizing events, putting in countless hours of hard work and service. The conservation movement that comes from funds generated from banquets are critical for habitat improvements to wild places across the country. I believe I speak for everyone in the fact that we all appreciate the time, effort and energy from volunteers across our great nation.

Having the freedom to climb to the tops of the highestRMEF Rose City Chapter Youth Elk Calling Contestants  mountains in pursuit of our favorite game with our friends and family creating memories that last a lifetime and beyond is priceless. Our great country and the wild places there in are the exact reason for conservation.

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RMEF Team Elk Season 5- New Adventures, Faces and Times

RMEF Team Elk- A Heroes Legacy

As Native Navajo Americans, life for the Westbrook’s is centered on family, a love of the land, hunting and passing down the deep rooted Navajo traditions. These traditions that are rich in culture have been ceremoniously passed down since the dawn of time. As parents, we all hope that our children will grow up and share our love of the outdoors by being stewards of the land and continuing our time honored hunting heritage. Celebrating our cherished history and creating new memories, and a new legacy left behind.

On September 8, 2009 Sgt. First Class Kenneth Westbrook was gravely wounded in one of the most hard fought battles of the Afghan war, in Ganjgal Valley in the Kunar Provence. Westbrook was only but a couple of months away from his retirement when he was wounded in action. 29 days later at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Kenneth succumbed to his injuries, leaving behind his wife and three sons. Before passing, his wife Char made a promise to her husband to carry on his legacy by taking their boys hunting and continuing the Navajo traditions in his name within their family. 

As a team, Grant Adkisson Outfitting, Support Foundation for Military Families and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation all combined effort to ensure that Char was given the opportunity to fulfill the final promises that were made to her husband Kenneth before he passed.

Stay tuned for Season 6 of RMEF’s Team Elk on the Outdoor Channel and see the legacy of an American hero, a husband and a father live on within Char Westbrook in this profound hunt.

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