Tech Tuesday- Truck Vault

The road to hunting camp can be a long one, often I find myself on the road for days before arriving at my final destination. Loading and offloading gear in and out of my truck and into my hotel room can be a huge hassle, especially after a long day. Leaving firearms and expensive optics in the truck overnight has not been an option, until now. Let me introduce you to my new favorite piece of custom security gear, the Truck Vault.

100% Made in the USA, Truck Vault, offers a huge variety of secure, in-vehicle secure storage options for trucks with or without a canopy. You want options, Truck Vault has lots of them to fit your needs. For the sake of my crazy outdoor lifestyle, I opted with the all-weather extreme series so that my gear would be safe, secure and weather protected even if I chose to remove the canopy from my truck.

Not only are my valuables protected from inclement weather and theft, I can keep them organized with drawer dividers and compartments that are secured with heavy duty locks. If you are worried about overloading the top of your vault, don’t worry, you can carry up to 2,000 pounds on top of the vault, with their Extreme All-Weather series that you can also add tie down rails to the unit to help secure big loads. The drawers will easily support your gear and will support more weight than you can comfortably pull out. The standard drawer height will afford plenty of room for most shotguns to be stored and the magnum size will allow scoped rifles to be stored with ease without having to lay them on their side.

With each TruckVault being custom made to order, you can ensure that you are getting the perfect vault for your needs and your truck make and model. You can even add power outlets for a working office area, there are tons of options from drawer configuration, drawer divider options, custom carpet selection, cargo lights, tie down rails, table extensions, drawer foam, and drawer face selection options and more. With hunters needs in mind, check out the series designed to fit your application; Bow Hunting, Duck Hunting, Upland Bird, Trap Shooting, Camping, and more.

If you are looking for secure vehicle storage options, be sure that you check out TruckVault at

Tech Tuesday- Cabela's XPG Outkross Hybrid Jacket

Light-weight performance clothing is on every backcountry hunters wish list and Cabela’s is working hard to bring consumers the best in light weight, performance apparel. Switching gears from hiking to glassing can bring a quick chill to the bone. To offset that chill, many hunters have invested in the “poofy coat” for light weight, warm outerwear.

The Cabela’s XPG Outkross Hybrid Jacket is not from the OutfitHer line, however, I believe that it is a worthwhile addition to your hunting wardrobe. First and foremost, the jacket is extremely light weight and warm with 60 grams of PrimaLoft insulation. PrimaLoft is a favorite of mine as it is warm, even if it gets damp. There are built in hand warmer pockets so you can add chemical heat packs that will keep you even warmer without additional bulk.

The outer shell kept me dry in light rain this archery season with the jacket having a durable water repellant finish (DWR).

And finally, the reason I really like this jacket is because it is super light-weight and it compresses down taking up very little space in your backpack when you are trekking.

Because this jacket is from the XPG line, you will not find it in camo, however, I purchased the jacket in gargoyle gray and found it to be plenty neutral for hunting applications, even during close encounters with archery elk. Having my backpack on added extra camo and if you feel like you need more camo or you want to add a warming layer, simply add the OutfitHer PrimaLoft vest.

Check out the Cabela’s XPG Outkross Hybrid jacket on item IK-974368. Right now, it’s on sale for $119.99 with free shipping.

RMEF Elk Tracks- Getting Geared Up To Hunt Elk

Getting “Geared Up” to Hunt Elk

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

Elk hunters are a meticulous bunch. We have to be! There is a lot that goes into a successful elk hunt. Heck, just getting out the door is a highly involved process in and of itself: 
Gun/ammo or bow/arrows…check! 
Hunting license.....................check!
Sharp knife…........................check! 
Now, what else do I need? 
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently unveiled its Gear 101 gear list, the elk hunter’s essential gear checklist. It is intended for sportsmen and women who range from most avid elk hunter to the occasional. It is divided up in three sections: daytripper, multi-day and outfitted. From there, users can further customize according to weapon, either rifle or bow.

Kristy's 2015 Gear List




All items must be washed in unscented detergents prior to entering the field

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack—Compression  Bags– IK-517339 Standard Bags– IK-590795


Cabela’s Women’s Clothing

OutfitHer Mock Tshirt Bug Skinz– IK-944629

OutfitHer Long Sleeve V Neck T Shirt– IK-944852

OutfitHer SUPERTEC Lightweight Pants– IK-944878

OutfitHer Made In The Shade UPF 40 Lightweight Pants– IK-944639

OutfitHer Made In The Shade UPF 40 Lightweight Top- (Order One Size Larger) IK-944638

OutfitHer Fleece 1/4 Zip Pull Over– IK-944626

OutfitHer Lifestyle Jacket– IK– 944876

OutfitHer PrimaLoft Vest– IK-944695

OutfitHer PrimaLoft Jacket– IK-944694

OutfitHer WindShear Hooded Jacket– IK-944448

OutfitHer WindShear Pants– IK-944451

OutfitHer 1/4 Zip Lifestyle Long Sleeve Shirt– IK-944537

OutfitHer Dry Plus Insulated Pants with Suspenders– IK-944949

OutfitHer Rainwear Jacket– IK-944114

OutfitHer Rainwear Pants– IK-944115

Cabela’s+Icebreaker Women’s Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Base Layer– IK-974127

Cabela’s+Icebreaker Women’s Merino Wool Tights Base Layer– IK-973982



OutfitHer X6 Shooter Gloves– IK-944514

OutfitHer PolarTec Power Stretch Liner Gloves– IK-944570

Outfitter Series Midweight Socks– IK-831944

OutfitHer Dry Plus Silent Suede Gloves– IK-944571

OutfitHer Beanie– IK-944574

Instinct Back Country Gator– IK-944843

Cabela’s Women’s Fleece Neck Gator– IK-944837



Cabela’s Ladies Footwear

Meindl Women’s Denali– IK-818480

Cabela’s Women’s Instinct Backcountry 400gram– IK-818633

OutfitHer Speed Hunter BOA Light Hunter– IK-814177

Pinnacle Zipper Snake Boots– IK-813868

Pinnacle BOA Extreme 600 gram Boots– IK-818412




Cabela’s XPG Expedition 2 Person 4 Season Tent– IK-581416

Hilleberg Tents-

Kelty Ignite DriDown 0 Degree Sleeping Bag– IK-580821

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack (Waterproof Sleeping Bag/Clothing Stuffer)

Thermarest Neo Air– IK-581151



Cabela’s Willow Hunting Pack– IK-461921

Eberlestock X2– IK-460094

Eberlestock Team Elk– IK-461275

Stone Glacier Backpacks

Kifaru Backpacks



Buck Knives– Alaskan Guide Crosslock– IK-531923

Buck Knives– Omni Hunter Folding Knife– IK-531998

Buck Knives– Bantam– Cabela’s Zonz Pink– IK-532577

Buck Knives– Paklite Field Master Kit– IK-531327


Swarovksi Z3, Z5, Z6 or X5 Rifle Scope– for full listing

Magpul MS1 Padded Rifle Sling– IK-232529


Cabela’s Instinct Xcite Bow IK-462330

Cabela’s Creedence Bow– IK-462979



Buck Knives Bow Tool

Coast Flashlights- Inspection Beam Penlight & Pure Beam Focus Light

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp + (extra batteries) IK-531169


OnXmaps– IK-270124

Map & Compass


Food & Hydration

Wilderness Athlete Performance Products– for complete listing

Dehydrated Food, Jerky, Granola, Trail mix, Dry Oats, Dried fruit, Packaged Tuna . Plan 2,000-3,500 calories of food per day, roughly consisting of 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat.

1 Liter hard water bottle (Nalgene Lexan) IK-518783

2 Liter sized Platypus or 3 liter Nalgene wide mouth collapsible water bladders– IK-532090

Katadyn Vario Water Filter– IK-517647 Upgrade Kit– IK-532094

MSR Reactor Stove (water boiling only) & fuel bottles (2, 22oz bottles)- IK-530809

Utensils & Plastic Cup



Swarovski Optik & Accessories

Swarovski Optik EL Range Binoculars– IK-714396

Swarovski Optik STR Spotting Scope with Illuminated MIL or MOA Reticle– IK-714395

Swarovski Spotting Scope iPhone 5 Adapter– IK-714264

Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter Binocular Rest– IK-714025

Swarovski CT Travel Carbon Fiber Tripod w DH 101 Tripod Head– IK-713534


Personal Hygiene

Toothbrush & Paste

Small liquid soap

Unscented Deodorant

Toilet Paper (Stored in Zip lock Bag)

Lip balm w/SPF

Unscented baby wipes

Basic Medicine (Advil or Aleve, Neosporin, Immodium, Throat Lozenges)

Small first aid kit

Sun block

Insect repellant




Liquid Smoke

Bugling Bull Game Calls– for complete listing

Camera (extra memory card)

Small Videocamera


SPOT Global Satellite Phone-IK-270152

Zip lock Bags (a few quart sized & gallon sized)

Garbage Bags (a few leaf bags are best)

Game Bags (2-3)

Small notepad and pencil

Hot Hands

Cloth tape measure

Flagging tape

Nylon cord

Repair Kit (needle, thread, duct tape) minimal qty.

Outdoor Safe Survival Kit & Metal Match




North American Hunter- Titus Talks with Turkeys Part 2

Have you ever tried to sit absolutely still and not move a single inch for nearly 20 minutes—or longer in some cases—while turkey hunting?

Did you get a chance to ready part No. 1 of this post? Well, after a few moments of long anticipation, Spencer chose his bird and pulled the trigger. Game over. And then it was my turn …

If you are going to be successful at hunting turkeys, you had better be comfortable sitting for long periods of time. Fortunately for us ladies, the OutfitHer Tat’r turkeyvest has it all—comfort, with a cushy speed seat, back and lumbar padding for support and a true custom fit. You can fit everything you need in the field into the specially designed pockets and pouches.

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North American Hunter- Titus Talks with Turkeys

Spring has finally sprung and the thunder is rolling—from thunder chickens that is! After a long winter and a few hunting opportunities, spring has finally arrived and with it comes the excitement of spring turkey season.

The sound of a tom turkey drumming his feathers is absolute music to every turkey hunter’s ears, leaving your hands shaking and heart pounding. In order for the moment of truth to arrive, first we must gear up, and for us ladies that is much easier and more fun to do than ever.

Shop, Shop, Shop—‘Til You Drop …
It was like having tunnel vision, working our way down the steep mountainside in the dark toward the valley below. I could hear the roar of the swollen creek, with waders in hand, I was prepared to cross. This was turkey hunting at its best.

The quick water rushed against my legs as I slowly waded across. The water was surprisingly warm compared to the cool morning air. As we made our way up the other side of the mountain, the sun was beginning to light up the sky and then we heard it—our first gobble.

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Hunting the Hunters- Gear

With the first snow coming down across the country, predator season is finally in full swing and now is the time to gear up for some snowy adventures hunting the hunters. Young coyotes are still roaming around and pursuit season for bobcats and or lions is open in many states with the full season opening for bobcat hunting here in Oregon in less than two weeks. Now is the time to evaluate gear and get outside and get to hunting.

Oooh baby its cold outside…


When temperatures dip to sub-zero, dressing in layers is critical, especially when doing any hiking in rough terrain between call sets. Start with a merino type base layer and build out from there, if it is really cold, I will stack on several base layers under a mid-layer pant.

I like my mid-layer top to be fleece as it is warm and dries out fast if I happen to fall in a snow bank and get it wet. ;-) My favorite jacket for a mid-layer warmth builder in cold weather is the Cabela’s Primaloft Trail insulator jacket. Primaloft is warm, even if it gets damp and dries out fast plus it is light weight and compresses down. Wearing a vest is my favorite way to add warmth over my fleece top or insulator jacket without the bulk.

Always wear an outer layer that is waterproof even if conditions seem dry as weather conditions change quickly in winter months and most waterproof layers double as a great wind barrier. Ladies be sure to check out OutfitHer from Cabela’s.

Snow gators will help keep the snow from tumbling into even the tallest of boots and help keep your feet dry should you encounter any creek or water crossings along the way.

Bring along AT LEAST two pairs of waterproof warm gloves. Gloves get wet in snowy conditions easily and you will be thankful that you have an extra dry pair or two as the day progresses.

One beanie on your head and an additional one in your pack is ideal which is light weight, low bulk, warmth insurance. I keep my extra gloves and an extra beanie in a gallon zip lock bag to prevent them from getting wet in the field.

The Shemagh has been used by our military for years and recently, I have incorporated it into my hunts. Kryptek makes a shemagh that will not only protect your face and neck from the cold, sun and elements but you can use it for many purposes like covering your rifle scope from the elements, shade the sun from your eyes while glassing, I have even covered my head with the shemagh while shooting to keep sand out of my eyes.


The Pinnacle BOA boot by Cabela’s is my go to boot in winter conditions. The boot is waterproof breathable GORE-TEX and tall enough to defer snow that is knee deep, insulated and the BOA system keeps my boot tight and on my feet without laces.

The NEW Instinct boot is GORE-TEX waterproof and has 400 GM Thinsulate Insulation, great ankle support and is STIFF for walking in steep, rough terrain. 

Cold feet? Thermarest heated insoles, quickly and easily slip into your boots providing you with warm toasty heat during your calling sets. You can even turn off the heat when walking to save battery life and ensure that your feet don’t overheat.

Slipping & Sliding….

For pursuit hunting with hounds, a quality pair of crampons are a must in mountain terrain. Covering mountain miles without a good pair will wear you out! The added traction will make your hike slide free and much easier.

And for all the slipping and sliding that you might do, a trekking pole is a great add when navigating rough, steep, snowy terrain. If your buddies make fun of you for your stick, when they struggle up the mountain, poke it at them and just laugh. You will be thankful you have it and they will wish they had one too!


Mouth calls from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls are my favorite hand held. They have a selection of jack rabbit, cotton tail, rodent and fawn distress sounds. Coyote and wolf howling systems. You can even use a cow call diaphragm to make calf elk distress sounds.

If you are no expert with mouth calls, check out Cabela’s Outfitter Series predator call by FoxPro. It comes loaded with 35 sounds and you can customize by adding more sounds that you can download online.  I like to use electronic calls because it moves the sound away from you as the shooter allowing for the predator to come within range without being seen as easily. BONUS: The Outfitter Series electronic call comes loaded with cougar and other fur animal sounds like raccoon sounds that are not easy to or even possible to replicate with a mouth call.


Decoys work because they give the predator a focal point to watch when coming in. Montana Decoy makes coyote, rabbit and fawn decoys that are realistic and give your call set life. Some states even allow moving decoys. Check your local regulations to see what rules apply to your state.


Cabela’s Speedy Yote Kickstand vest has pockets to hold all of your calls and give you a comfortable seat while in the field that insulates you against the cold ground.

A good quality backpack that you like will surely help tote along all of your necessary gear.


Kitchen…yes, I dare say kitchen while hunting. I am a girl for heaven sake so it is natural to bring along everything, except the kitchen sink (A gallon of water will suffice). There is nothing more delightful than a hot cup of coffee or lunch in sub-zero temperatures. MSR reactor stoves or Jet Boil stoves are light weight and boil water quickly so that you can dine on a hot lunch from Mountain House or sip fresh hot coffee, all day long. You can opt to put the kitchen in your pack or leave it at the truck. Either way, EVERYONE will enjoy. I promise.

Optics, Rifles and Such…

Good optics are a must have and will help you spot predators from distance allowing you the opportunity to place a well-planned out set without spooking them or alerting them to your presence. A range finder is a must have so that you can easily and quickly dial your rifle turret for point of aim, point of impact shots.

A tripod shooting rest or a hog saddle mounted on your tripod is a must when stand hunting for predators. It will allow you to stay comfortable and supported behind the gun throughout your entire set.


Don’t forget the small stuff that matters. Bring at least one extra set of batteries for your flashlight and predator call. The cold air drains batteries quickly. A few hand or body warmers remove the chill of the winter weather without adding bulk.

Your GPS with OnXmaps will provide valuable land owner information allowing you to access areas that you might not have known were public land.

Good hunting to you all…

Backcountry Hunting Gear List


Big game.big prep.always prepared. Always lethal
Under armour clothing
All items must be washed in unscented detergents prior to entering the field
· Ridge Reaper Crew Socks (1 pair for every 2-3 days) 
· Base Layer Top and Bottom1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 (1 for every 2-3 days) 
· Ridge Reaper Pant (Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Performance) Evo Camo Pant (Women’s light weight) Quest Pant (Women’s ArmourStorm Insulated) 
· Ridge Reaper Jacket (Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Performance) Quest Jacket ( Women’s Armour Storm Insulated) 
· Ridge Reaper ES Hoody (Men’s) Evo Camo Hoody (Women’s) or Camo FZ Hoody (Women’s) 
· Ridge Reaper Shell Jacket & Bib Pant (Scent Capture Technology, 100% Waterproof & Windproof) 
· Gaiters 
· Hurlock Glove (Coldgear), Ridger Reaper Glove or Women’s Camo Glove 
· Cap, Beanie, Neck Gaiter 
· Facemask 

Under armour Footwear
· UA Speed Freek (Early Season, 100% Waterproof Goretex) 
· UA Siberia (Cold Weather 800g. Primaloft Insulation, 100% Waterproof Goretex) 
· UA Strut- Camp Shoes 
· Blister kit (Moleskin, Blister Band-Aids) 

· Backpack Tent or Bivy Sack 
· Sleeping bag  
· Thermarest or similar product

· Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow
· Eberlestock Mini Me Daypack
· Hunting knife, Leatherman tool, Compact Limb Saw, Havalon Knife/scalpel
· Rifle– Sling & Scope Cover, Nosler Ammunition
· Bow– Sling on backpack, Arrows, Broadheads, Allen wrenches, String wax
· Flashlight/Headlamp (extra batteries)
· Water Filter & Tablets
· GPS, Map, Compass
· Mini fuel stove & fuel bottles (2, 22oz bottles)
· Compact Cook wear, Utensils, Cup
· Wilderness Athlete Performance Products, Dehydrated Food, Jerky, Granola, Trail mix, Instant Oats, Dried fruit, Packaged Tuna . Plan 2,000-3,500 calories of food per day, roughly consisting of 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat.

Swarovski Optik & Accessories
· EL 42 Swarovision Binoculars, Harness & Soft Cover
· 65mm HD Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Eyepiece
· 8x30 Laser Range Finder
· Tripod
· Lens cleaner/cloth/lens pen

Personal hygiene
· Toothbrush & Paste
· Small liquid soap
· Unscented Deodorant
· Toilet Paper (Stored in Zip lock Bag)
· Lip balm w/SPF
· Unscented baby wipes
· Basic Medicine (Advil or Aleve, Neosporin, Immodium, Throat Lozenges)
· Small first aid kit
· Sun block
· Insect repellant

· Liquid Smoke
· Bugling Bull Game Calls
· Camera (extra memory card)
· Small Videocamera
· Sunglasses
· Satellite Phone, SPOT
· Zip lock Bags (a few quart sized & gallon sized)
· Garbage Bags (a few leaf bags are best)
· Game Bags (2-3)
· Small notepad and pencil
· Hot Hands
· Cloth tape measure
· Flagging tape
· Nylon cord
· Repair Kit (needle, thread, duct tape) minimal qty.
· Outdoor Safe Survival Kit & Metal Match

· 40-90 Pound Pack
· Comfortably and safely transport yourself into remote country. Have mind & body preparedness.
· Crossfit or Weight Training
· Cardiovascular–
      Train realistically such as hiking with weighted pack
      Wear the same footwear that you will be wearing in the field
· Be comfortable and proficient with your bow/rifle. Practice in multiple shooting angles and conditions. Know your shooting limitations.


British Columbia Black Bear Hunt- Gear List

Three weeks in the backcountry of Canada in pursuit of black bears is a lot of consecutive days in the field. To be sure that I am ready for all that Mother Nature throws at me, I have a very specific list of items that I am sure to bring along. Now keep in mind that I am driving to Canada with virtually unlimited space in my vehicle to store items that I will not be packing in with.  This list will vary depending on where I am going but this is a great place to start.
Under Armour Clothing:
UA Socks
UA Base Layer Tops & Pants; 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 depending on weather and hunting conditions
UA Evo Hoody
UA Evo Henley
UA Evo Pant
UA Zip Up Hoody
UA Quest Jacket & Pant
UA Gators
UA Gloves Insulated & Un-Insulated
UA Beanie
UA Baseball Hat
UA Speed Freek Boots
Swarovski Optik:
Swarovski Binoculars w/ Carrying Case, Cover & Bino Harness
Swarovski Spotting Scope w/ Camera Attachment
Swarovski Range Finder
Lens Wipes or Cleaner
Remington Model 700 300 Win Mag w/ Sling
Swarovski Rifle Scope
Nosler Custom Trophy Grade 180 Grain AccuBond Ammunition
*Shooting Sticks
*Shoot & See Targets
*Ear Protection
Elite Hunter 26” draw, 51#
Victory VAP Arrows
Shuttle T-Lock 100 Grain Brodhead’s
Ripcord Arrow Rest
Spot-Hogg Sight
Tight Spot Quiver
2 Releases
Allen Wrench
String Wax
General Gear:
Flashlight & Headlamp
*Lantern w/ extra Mantles
Roll TP in Zip lock Bag
Eberlestock X1A1 Backpack with Hydration System
Baby Wipes Un-Scented
*Un-Scented Laundry Soap
Butt Cushion
Game Bags
Sleeping Bag
Garbage Bags
Small First Aid Kit
 Mole Skin
Basic Medicine such as Aleve, Neosporin, Imodium, Throat Lozenges
Mosquito Repellant
Bear Spray
Wind Checker
Extra Batteries
Cloth Tape Measure
Flagging Tape
Wilderness Athlete Performance Bars
Wilderness Athlete Energy Gel
Wilderness Athlete Protein Plus
Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus Drink Formula
Mixed Nuts
Low Fat or Wild Game Pepperoni
Water or filter
Horse Tack:
This basic horse tack list is based off of my outfitter providing most of the needed equipment. 
Saddle Bag
Decker Pack Saddle with Sling Ropes
Canvas Manties with Rope
Bow & Gun Scabbard
*Truck Equipment:
*400 Watt Inverter
*Power Strip
*Items that I use upon arrival buy may or may not pack into the backcountry