Elk Hunter Magazine- Fall 2015

Eat To Live

Backpack Kitchen Essentials To Reduce The Occurence Of Chronic Muslce Loss

The rigors of Western hunting require thoughtful, year-round preparation due to long hours spent in the gym, running trails, shooting, etc. All of that training is geared toward to the most coveted time of the year...hunting season.

In all of the excitement, it's easy to let our nutrition protocol go by the wayside. I often hear the same story repeated: "I spend all year training for this one omonth and it seems like I destroy all my gains within that month, losing up to 15 lbs. of hard-earned mass."

In the fall issue issue of Elk Hunter Magazine, I give a few tips that will help you preserve your hard-earned muscle afield this fall. 

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Elk Hunter Magazine does extensive and frequent reviews of a wide range of products that every serious elk hunter should be using. From optics to boots to bowhunting equipment, you'll read about it in every issue. 

Elk Hunter Magazine- Winter 2014



Good health is the starting point to all of our outdoor adventures. Our bodies are the vehicles we use to climb to the mountaintop in search of that trophy of a lifetime. In the Winter issue of Elk Hunter Magazine's Hunters Nutrition, Kristy discusses the pitfalls of low carbohydrate diets. 

In every issue of Elk Hunter Magazine you will find extensive and frequent reviews of a wide range of products from optics to boots, rifles to bows, and much more. 

Elk Fit and Hunters Nutrition- Being fit enough to hike the mountains and pack out your game is critical. This topic is under-appreciated and under-appreciated. We talk about fitness tips, strategies, and the mental side of getting tough. Dan Staton and Kristy Titus are a formidable team in taking care of your body and improving your overall health. This isn’t just about hunting; this is about quality of life!

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Elk Hunter Magazine Spring 2013

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In the Spring 2013 issue my article is titled Winning the Fight Against Fatigue and how lean meat is the building block of energy and recovery.

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