September 2nd WOD

New Day...New Challenge...New Victory

Everyday a NEW challenge is Everyday a NEW awesome is that?!? Everyday you can challenge yourself to do something new and be victorious...every single day.

Many people do not challenge themselves out of fear. Fear of failure, defeat, fear that the journey will be too difficult, fear of simply the unknown. Take that fear, drink it down and take on the challenge anyway.

Victory is the reward for discipline, dedication and the courage to take on that fear, accept the challenge and eventually succeed.

My new workout/training program is a bit of an adjustment for me. I am lifting in ways that I have never done, more like an endurance athlete training for a big race. My objectives for my next bodybuilding show are different and with that objective, I have to remain open minded and take on this new challenge and training style.

Yesterday, I got a virtual face slap from my trainer when I was lifting too heavy during my warmup set. I trust Andrew to coach me towards success and with that I have to lay down everything that "I think I know" and take on this new training challenge with confidence and trust.

How are you challenging yourself everyday? If you are not challenging yourself daily, then ask yourself when was the last time you accepted a challenge? Can you remember? If not, then tomorrow is a good day to let go of the fear that is holding you back, give up the excuses and take on a challenge. Everyday victory can be yours. Today, I was victorious. Were you?


~Warm Up~

@40 Yard distance unless otherwise specified

*Jog 80 Yards

*High Knee Skip 80 Yards

*Side Shuffle 80 Yards

*Karoakee 80 Yards

*Jog 80 Yards

*Back Pedal

*Hitler Walk

*Toe Walk

*Heel Walk

*Jog 80 Yards

*Buildup sprint max out at 70-80% of your max



3-4 Sets, Rep Order 16, 14, 12, 10

*Back Squats

          - Squat Jumps x10

*Side Lunges

          - Lateral Bounds x20

*Leg Extensions

          - Step Ups x20

*Hamstring Curls

          - In-N-Out Squat Jumps x20

*Back Lunges

          -Pogo Jumps x50 (WARNING: These are very embarassing to do in public)

*Calf Raises- Straight, Toes In & Toes Out

          -Jump Rope 30 Seconds

Lower reps and increase weight on subsequent sets of primary exercises (*). Secondary sets (-) remain constant. There is no rest between exercises.



60 Mintues Target Heart Rate Elliptical

15 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

September 1st WOD


Getting There...

Life is one continuous journey. The living happens day to day in the simplest of things. Happiness is found within those simple everyday things.

Going to the gym, making dinner, running errands, working, spending time with your family and community; all of those things together are what make up life.

What makes a happy life is also a huge part in who you surround yourself with. Do you spend your life and time with positive and encouraging people who believe in you and your dreams and support you through thick and thin or people who are negative and have a can't do attitude, dragging you down, discouraging you from trying to achieve, believe and actualize your goals or dreams?

I am a firm believer in  life is not about where you go but who you go there with.

Surrounding yourself with positive role models and people who are doing great things for the community, their family and friends and even for themselves will help encourage you to do the same. Positive influence is a very powerful factor.

This week, take a look at who you choose to surround yourself with and ask yourself silently how these people are influencing you and your life, your thoughts, feelings and actions. Are they positive or negative?

Personally, I do my best to surround myself with positive people. People who make me want to be a better person, believe in myself and make me want to be a better person to myself, family, friends and community. These are the types of people that you want to travel through life with.

Today's WOD was once again brought to you by Andrew and I must say that I am feeling sore from the brutality of these workouts and LOVING it!!! I am traveling my journey to my next show with the help of a great coach and mentor. Who could ask for more...?


3 Sets of 15, 12, 10

Back & Abs

* Wide Grip Pull Ups -OR- Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

          - Abs

*Bent Over DB Row

          - Abs

*Narrow Grip Chin Ups -OR- Narrow Grip Pull Downs

          - Abs

*Close Grip Seated Row

          - Abs

          - 30 Seconds Box Step Ups

*Straight Arm Pull Downs

          - Abs

Ab Exercises, vary each set as follows:

Hanging Knee Raises, In-N-Outs, V-Ups, Leg Raise Circles, Hanging Leg Raises, Side Crunch, Toe Touches, Push-Throughs, Sky Rockets, Twists, Med Ball Overhead Crunch, Med Ball Twist Slams

Lower reps and increase weight on subsequent sets of primary exercises (*). Secondary sets (-) remain constant. There is no rest between exercises.

August 31st WOD

Jacked Up...

On the mountain, off the mountain, on the mountain, off...

Back off the mountain and directly into the gym. That is how I roll. Training hard feels good. Well maybe not your first two weeks of training if you have been on sabbatical. The beginning of any new exercise program or change in your current exercise program can leave you feeling less than great.

The bright side is that once you get over that beginning hump in any workout, you will start feeling like beast mode on blast after your body is tuned up and ready to train. Right now, my beast mode is on blast from the past few weeks of hunts and heavy packs leaving me feeling tuned up and ready to train. HARD.

If you are not feeling tuned up and ready to train, don't slow down, don't quit. It does get easier and you do start to not only enjoy your workouts but look forward to them. Everyday, I set a specific "To Do" list of work that needs to be accomplished and when my prioritised items are complete, I reward myself with some hard time in the gym. Get in the groove and you too will feel the same way.

Today, my daily WOD was led by Andrew, my new training coach and fitness guru. Andrew has been charged with the task of leading me into the best shape of my life for my upcoming spring body building show. So far, my workouts are on blast and I am LOVING it!. Check it out and stay tuned for more...


Chest & Shoulders

4 Sets

15, 12, 10, 8 (Increasing Weight w/ Each Set)

*Incline Flys-

          - Wide Grip Push Ups (8)

          - Walking Lunges- 20-30 w/ DB (I used 30# total weight or 15# each arm)

*Flat DB Press-

          - Narrow Grip Push Ups (8)

          - Walking Lunges- 20-30 w/ DB (I used 30# total weight or 15# each arm)

*Flat Bench Press-

          - Stagger Push Ups (8)

          - Walking Lunges- 20-30 w/ DB (I used 30# total weight or 15# each arm)

* Shrugs-

          - Spider Push Ups (8)

          - Walking Lunges- 20-30 w/ DB (I used 30# total weight or 15# each arm)

*Crucifix (side then front shoulder raises)-

          - Diamond Push Ups (8)

          - Walking Lunges- 20-30 w/ DB (I used 30# total weight or 15# each arm)

* Reverse Flies-

          - Walking Push Ups (8)

          - Walking Lunges- 20-30 w/ DB (I used 30# total weight or 15# each arm)


Lower reps and increase weight on subsequent sets of primary exercises (*). Secondary sets (-) remain constant with the exception of various pushup techniques. There is no rest between exercises.


July 9th WOD


It's in the doing...

It's pretty simple, if you are full of excuses to why you can't get your workout in, you will never achieve your health fitness goals.

Fitness is in the doing. Not once a week or even twice a week. The body is made to move, it is made to work. The body is designed to be lean, fit, active and healthy.

If you want a hard, lean, fit, healthy body, then everyday you must make the time in your life to help you achieve or maintain your fitness goals.

Get to the gym, get outside, it doesn't matter what you are long as you are doing something.


Oregon Crossfit

WOD: 12 min of work, 30 seconds of abmat sit ups, 30 seconds of rest, 30 seconds of rowing, 30 seconds of rest repeat 6 times. Total number of reps

Challenge: 5×1 Snatch Balance + Over Head squat(pause 3 seconds in the bottom of OH Squat, at least two warm up sets, slightly heavier than last week)

Place: 1st rib mash with peanut or lax ball, 3 minutes each side

July 1st WOD


No Passing Out...No Quitting

Oh boy did I ever NOT want to workout today in 98 degree heat. The only thing that got me into the gym was knowing that later this week was a holiday and I would soon be in full fledged "holiday" mode. Not to mention needing to work off my "Beer Run" calories from yesterday.

When the temperatures are high it is critical that you drink water and stay hydrated all day long. Try to drink at least 6 liters of water on hot high activity days.

Also, be sure to camel up before our workout, meaning that you drink a bunch of extra water before you start to sweat during your workout.

Although I felt like throwing up after crossfit, I did not and I feel great having completed another perfect day of training!!! NO EXCUSES!


60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

60 Mintues Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report:

Calories: 949, Average Heart Rate: 136, Average Intensity: 46%, WillPower: 7.6


Oregon Crossfit WOD~

WOD: Run 400m then 21-15-9 American Swing, then box jumps, then run 400m for time

               My time was 9:42

Challenge: High Bar Back Squat 5,5,5 (AHAP, each set increases, take at least 2 warm up sets)

              My squat weight: 95/115/125

Place: Psoas work

June 27th WOD


Building the New...

Everyday is a new opportunity to change your focus and build something new for yourself. This could be in regards to your family, career, or health fitness.

Everyday, I have a "To Do" list and on that list I organize my day by priority. My workouts are a non-negotiable "Must Do" everyday. Because I look forward to my workouts, today, I forced myself to get through an editorial deadline before I let myself go to the gym.

Each new day is an opportunity to build the foundation of what you want your tomorrow to look like, the simple law of reaping and sewing.

If I want to be able to climb to the tops of mountains day after day without muscle fatigue and soreness, I have to train for it. Building the muscle and endurance that is needed to accomplish my goal takes a measured amount of time and commitment on my part.

What OLD habits or behaviors in your life do you need to quit fighting? Write them down and tomorrow when you wake up don't do anything on that list. Instead, develop a new "To Do" list that you can focus on and put your energy into so that your dreams may come true in your future.

Side Note:

Yesterday, I wrote about how un-coordinated I feel in crossfit. The first time that I attempted the "Turkish Get Up" I just about required a helmet because I was so clumsy that I felt like I could nearly damage my skull by smashing my face with the kettle bell. Tonight, I was far from graceful in the movement, but I had improved on my ability to complete the movement with less struggle and slightly better coordination than the first time. The improvement made me happy.



WOD: 1 min at each station 3 rounds, Double Under Jump Rope, Burpee box jump, OH walking lunges with Kettle Bell (single arm), rest 1 minutes before starting over

Challenge: 20 Total Turkish Get ups(can be light, but don’t rush through the reps)

Play: 30 OH squat with 3 second pause at the bottom

June 26th WOD


Working Hard...

Waking up today, I had sore muscles and could feel my Monday's crossfit WOD all over. With a couple of Aleve down, I carried on and I trained HARD. Sheep shape does not come easy.

Every BODY differs so much. Mine, is designed for excessive amounts of work, I thrive on long durations of physical steady work, while others have speed and graceful, fluid movements.

In crossfit today, my lack of graceful, fluid movements was downright embarrassing. I have no coordination and I tend to want to muscle through the movements. My brain seems to have a disconnect when it comes to learning how to apply technique.

My point here is that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, we all feel stupid in the gym sometimes. If you have a fear that people are watching and judging what you do in the gym and that is keeping you from going, get over it! People may watch you and you may feel dumb but you are still working hard towards achieving your goals and you are better off than rocking the couch.

I do believe that in time, I might develop some grace, but in the meantime, I will keep trying.


60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

60 Mintues Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report: Had a bit of a malfunction but got 993 Calories out of it.


~Oregon Crossfit WOD~

WOD: 10 minutes each to find 1 RM Power Snatch, and 1RM OH Squat

Challenge: 1A: 1xME American Swing 70/53, 1B: 5×1 Push Press(AHAP, increase as you go along), 1C: 3×10, GH Raise, 1D: 3×10 Reverse Hyper

Play: 30 cobra push up, LOB Sampson



Zoie was crazy hyper so she took me on an evening hike up Pilot Butte.

45 Mintues- Pilot Butte 2.5 Miles

Armour 39 Report:

Average Heart Rate: 133, Average Intensity: 42% Calories: 445 WillPower: 8.8

June 24th WOD


Last night I made it home from my most recent 9 day road trip black bear hunting in Idaho and attending another MagPul Dynamics shooting school. I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks at home, getting articles wrote, dehydrating food, scouting for elk, filming some blogs and most importantly TRAINING in the gym!!!

Finding Purpose...

Once you have defined WHAT your goal is, you have to do some soul searching to define the purpose behind your goal.

Purpose is the WHY that makes you desire the goal. Without purpose or a reason behind the things that you do or want to achieve in your daily life, you can end up quitting before your goal is actualized. The PURPOSE is what keeps you trying long after you have ran through all of your excuses in your mind. With PURPOSE you never quit!

I have made it my personal vow to give it everything that I've got in the gym during this time at home in preparation to film another Stone Sheep hunt in Northern British Columbia. Looking forward to potentially 13 days with a 60 pound backpack on in some of the steepest, roughest terrain in the world, I have GOT to get in fantastic condition in a very short amount of time.That is my fitness PURPOSE.

Today I was an animal in the gym and gave it everything that I had.Trust me, without purpose, I would have quit well before my 2 hours of cardio was over. With my purpose in mind, I kept going and did not quit.

What is your purpose?

Define your purpose in all that you do and you will soon realize that you are living out all of your dreams...


60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report:

Calories: 998, Average Heart Rate: 139, Average Intensity: 50%, Will Power: 8.2


~Oregon Crossfit WOD~

WOD: 400m Farmers Carry(DB/KB), then 100 Abmat sit ups, 50 Burpees, 25 pull ups

Challenge: 5×2 HBBS (High Bar Back Squat) with 3 second pause at bottom use 80%(absolute depth)

Play: squat with lax/golf/squishy ball behind knee cap, 2 minutes each knee



May 8th WOD



Tonight my workout tonight was tough, really tough but with that being said, I managed to set a personal record on my deadlift at 195#. I believe that I could have gone heavier.I will save a new PR (personal record) for next time.

Crossfit has not gotten easier, I have gotten stronger.

Tonights workout was one of my favorites the Cindy which basically equated to 5 pull ups, 10 push ups followed by 15 air squats. We did as many rounds as were possible in a 20 minute time frame.

Dry heaves hang on...

Even though I thought I was going to throw up after it was all said and done, I once again set a personal record completing 18 rounds.

Pushing my body like this helps me identify where I am getting stronger and where my weakness lies. I can honestly say that the air squats were like a nice breather but the push ups are what killed me!

So, I must conquer where I am weak...push ups here I come!!

It feels so good to be feeling stronger when a couple short months ago I was so sore and tired that I felt as if I had been beaten with a bat and then trampled by horses.

When you start lifting, it is important to know that the beginning is always the hardest part and it does get easier; you get STRONGER.



Oregon Crossfit


WOD: “Cindy” 20 min amrap (As Many Reps As Possible), 5 Pull-up, 10 push up, 15 Air squat (Record rounds)

Challenge: Work up to your 1 rep max deadlift

Play: ankle mobility work

April 24th WOD


Do what you can with where you are...

Today, I found myself back on the road. My destination, Sidney Nebraska to the Cabela's World Headquarters.

Doing what you can with where you are...

What does that mean? To me it means that you make the most out of everyday and every workout no matter what your age, current level of fitness and physical location is.

I do not always have access to a gym or a crossfit box, so I do what I can with where I am, no matter my location.That may mean hitting up the hotel gym, creating a workout that I can do in camp or simply hiking the hills with my pack on during the hunt. I evaluate where I am, what I have access to, how much I have time for and I make the best of it.

Competitive Drive...

The great thing about going to crossfit is that there are so many really strong really fit ladies in there. I look up to these ladies, they motivate me to work harder, lift more frequently so that I can get stronger and have better endurance. This is healthy competition and I may not be the youngest or the strongest, but I do my best and always strive to be better each day than I was the day before.

Everyday is an opportunity for us to improve, to be healthier, make better food choices, all taking the best care of our fragile human frame and health.

Today, my workout was in a hotel gym. I tried to copy the Oregon Crossfit WOD but did not have the needed equipment, so I modified and did the best I could with what I had access to.


3 Sets to failure @7

Cable Single Arm Lateral Raise

One Arm Cable Press

3 Sets to failure

Hand Stands

3 Sets

30 Sit Ups

90 Second Bridge


100 Air Squats


70 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical


April 23rd WOD


Hard Work Turns Dreams Into Reality...

Success requires hard work, determination and discipline. Nothing in life worth attaining comes easily and without sacrifice.

Everyday, I start out with a list of things that I need "To Do." One of the best feelings of accomplishment and reward is actually crossing those "To Do's" off of my list. Many days, I don't get everything done on my list, but it has become a work in progress for me.

This simple act helps to keep me on track everyday. I can easily determine a level of priority based on  that simple list. Deadlines for magazines and video blogs are laid out, simple errands and even the gym is on the list.

Making sure that I schedule my workouts are as important to me as checking and returning emails in the mornings. The gym must be done!!! In the past few weeks, I can name a one hour period that I sat on my couch to watch a movie. That is it! Less than an hour in a months time spent on the couch.

Working hard and achieving success requires sacrifice. I am willing to give up that time on the couch in exchange for a good sweat in crossfit or at the gym. It is worth it to me to work hard so that my body does not let me down come hunting season.

Without a healthy body, success is much more difficult if not impossible to completely enjoy. So tonight before you go to bed, make a list of what you need "To Do" tomorrow and make sure your workout is on the top of that list. Enjoy the success that comes from hard work and sacrifice. Trust me, it's worth it!


Oregon Crossfit

WOD: Row 2k, rest the amount of time it takes to complete, Row and additional  1 K

Challenge: Complete 3 rounds: 3 Clean Dead Lifts, 3 Squat Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Push Jerks, (As a complex meaning do not put the weight down until one circuit is complete)

Play: foam roll & stretch




April 20th WOD


Get Fit...Get Happy

Exercise really does make you happy. The feeling that comes from your clothes fitting better, getting a few extra push ups in, running faster and farther, ALL of these things make you feel accomplished and HAPPY.

Setting fitness goals can start small and seemingly simple, for instance, walking for 45 minutes straight, then later on when you are feeling like you want a challenge, maybe jog every third song that plays on your iPod, then work up to every other song, pretty soon you will feel good just jogging.

Your progression takes time but each milestone you reach will help you feel HAPPY about what you have accomplished.

Get out today and exercise, no matter where your fitness level is. I promise, afterwards you will feel accomplished and HAPPY!!! Seize the weekend!!!!


Oregon Crossfit

Warm Up- Weighted Situps

WOD: 4 Rounds, 15 American Swings 53/35, 15 Wall balls 20/14

Challenge: 5×1 1 ¼ Front Squats(AHAP)

Play: 1 Mile Run

April 18th WOD


Getting It...

What do you want? When was the last time you really sat down and asked yourself this question? Are you moving forward towards getting "what you want".

I start everyday out with a list of things that I need "To Do" during the day/week that will get me closer towards making my "what I want" into a reality.

If you don't try, you can't succeed. Go for "IT", whatever "IT" may be. Take that first step. If it is your health fitness that you want to improve for your fall elk hunt, then set your alarm 90 minutes early tomorrow and hit the gym!

I personally like to feed off the energy of others and thrive on competition. I like going to the gym and looking up to other ladies and thinking "Wow, I want to be as strong as her, as fast as her, as lean as her..." then I train like her!

If there is not a lady that I look up to in the gym, I find athletes on facebook or twitter and I follow them, let their journey inspire my own.

If you don't go after what you want, you will never have it. PERIOD. The answer will always be NO.

Everyday, I imagine myself climbing the rugged western mountains with a 60# pack on my back. That is what drives me to be stronger, faster, leaner...better today than I was yesterday so that I can climb with less effort and fatigue when it counts.

The cardio interval burned the lungs pretty good tonight, but I liked it.


Oregon Crossfit

WOD: 10 rounds, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off row, bike or run.  Finish with 25 strict T2B (toes to bar) or K2E (knees to elbows)

Challenge: Complete 5 Rounds of DB complex: 5 Hang Cleans, 5 Power Jerks, 5 Dead Lifts

Play: foam roll

April 17th WOD


No Excuses...

Today, I drove home from my turkey hunt and was hit instantly with what felt like 1000 things to do. To top it off, I had a headache. The "your pulse is in your head" throbbing kind.

With having missed three days consecutive in the gym or ACTIVELY hiking in the field, I left all my excuses at the door of my crossfit box.

My fitness is important. Getting stronger is important, getting leaner is important, not missing my workout one more day is important. No excuses...


Oregon Crossfit


3 Rounds 21-15-9 reps per round; Dead lift 225/155, box jump 30/24

Challenge: 3x ME (max effort) Handstand Hold or handstand walks, 3x3 Snatch grip first pull, 3×10 GH RAISE(band tension or weight if you make 10) or banded good mornings 3×30

Play: 800m jog

April 11th WOD

What I did for today for my...

Mind-Exercised & Hiked. Calms my mind and helps me relax.

Body- Exercised and ate whole natural foods.

Spirit- Went on a hike with my dogs.

Relationships- Took care of my mom.

Creativity- Wrote my March Newsletter.

Passion- Lived, loved, and planned for my weekend.

What I have found is that the things that fuel my mind, body, spirit, relationships, creativity and passion are all very connected.

That is the great thing about being in your 30' have made enough mistakes and had enough life experiences to know exactly who you are and what makes you happy.

When I have a bad day or a stressful situation occur, I know WHAT I can do that will calm my mind. I know how much to push my body during my training sessions so that I feel my best.

Taking the time to nurture my relationships, fuel my passion and ignite my own creativity.

Today, was a beautiful day, I was able to spend some quality time with my mom in the hospital, hiked Pilot Butte with my dogs, got a bunch of work completed and got my crossfit workout in!

What did you do today to fuel yourself?


2.25 Mile Hike up & down Pilot Butte

Oregon Crossfit WOD

WOD: 5 Rounds: 10 Over Head Walking Lunges 45#/25#, 10 Explosive Push ups (use the 45/25)

Challenge: 5×2 Snatch Grip Push Press to Over Head Squat

Play: 50 Superman's

April 9th WOD


Mind Over Matter

Tonight in Crossfit, part of our WOD included box jumps. Obviously, I am not very tall (5'2") and I have always struggled with "getting to the top" of the box, especially when I am fatigued.

One of the aspects that I LOVE about Crossfit is that everyone is supportive of each other and always willing to lend a hand. Patricia, is one of the many talented trainers at Oregon Crossfit who more often than not is training in my class. She is always helpful to everyone, even during her own workout.

Patricia saw me struggling with my box jumps today and made a simple statement that changed how I looked at doing the box jumps.

She said that when she is tired, she remembers what another crossfitter once told her..."Don't try and JUMP up to the top of the box, just focus on pulling your knees into your chest, the rest will come."

WOW....revelation. Suddenly, instead of feeling defeated by this little box, I got it and it was EASIER!!! Same movement, different perspective. Then she looks back at me and says, "Add a stack to that box, you can jump higher" and you know what, she was right I could jump higher and I did!

In life, I find that so much of what we "think" we are capable of is based on what we "think" instead of what we are actually capable of. Letting go of our mind and looking at the same situation from a slightly different perspective can be all that it takes for you to start DOING instead of "thinking" you can't.


Oregon Crossfit

3 Sets descending reps at 12-9-6 Power Clean(you chose weight)

box jumps 30/24

Challenge: 5×2 Clean 1st Pull to knee(3 second pause) squat clean, on the 2nd attempt complete a push jerk.

Play: 400m jog

April 8th WOD


We only have one life and unfortunately, life is too short. We never know how many days/years we have to LIVE. To me, living life to the fullest means to not have regrets, live in the moment, while also planning for the future and LIVING out all of your hopes and dreams while helping others do the same along the way.

Living for the moment does not have to mean eating whatever you feel like and however much you want, it does not mean dumping chemicals into our bodies with over processed food, drugs and alcohol. It does not mean skipping workouts or worse yet, not working out at all.

Living for the moment treating your body like the temple that it is so that you have better odds of having as many years possible to LIVE out all of our hopes and dreams.

Fueling your body with whole natural, healthy foods and moving your body every day, doing something that will make you stronger on the inside and leaner on the out.

Never live in fear, no matter where your health is today, tomorrow it can be better. Each meal, each workout, every decision you make as to what you put into your body and what you do each day will help you create your own temple of health. The only limits that you have are the ones that you put upon yourself.

Live without limits, fulfill your mission, give someone a helping hand, have no regrets, laugh too hard, love too much, follow your heart, live out your dreams outloud and start today by taking that single step towards having it all...You are your own version of wonderful.


75 Minutes Target heart Rate Cardio Stair Step/Elliptical Combo.


50 Burpee onto 45# plate,

25 American Swings 70/53

50 D/U (Double Under Jump Rope)

Challenge: HBBS(High Bar Back Squat) 3×3@85%, 2×1@90%, 2×5@80%- Based on percentage of weight of 1 rep max

25 Hanging knee tucks

Play: 2 min Paleo Chair

banded squat work




April 2nd WOD

Putting forth the Effort

Back on the road today...destination the Oregon Coast for a public land, DIY black bear hunt.

Before I could leave town, getting in my workout was a priority. No easy out here...and trust me, it was worth the effort.

~~Oregon Crossfit WOD~~

WOD: 21-15-9 Burpee Box Jump 24/20, Knee 2 Elbow

Challenge: High Bar Back Squat 3×3@80%, 2×2@85%, 2×1@90%,

Play: 3 minutes in the bottom of a squat either banded or in a paleo chair

60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

March 28th WOD

Fighting with a Broken Heart

My beloved dog, best friend and love of my life died in my arms today. Gus filled a whole in my heart that I didn't even know I had. I lost part of my soul today, the part that Gus has filled since I was 19 years old with his unconditional love and devotion.

Gus was my running partner and for the past 13 years part of my daily motivation to get outside in the world and exercise.

Despite having to lay him to rest today, I felt that he would want me to get out there and exercise for him. If the rain were not pouring, I would have walked at one of our favorite spots. With bad weather, I went to crossfit instead.

No matter where you go, please keep in mind that we are all fighting some sort of battle; sometimes it's nice to just hear a kind word.


WOD: Tabata T2B, rest 2 minutes, Tabata Walking lunges (If you competing in the OPEN and your training today complete at 50% effort)

Challenge: 3×3 Dead KB Clean(each arm), 3×3 Push Press (these are all completed single arm),

Play: 1200m row(work efficiency)