North American Hunter- A Student Of The Gun

It seems the more that I learn about firearms, the less I realize that I actually know—which of course leads me to continually learn and train—a self-proclaimed student of the gun.

Santa Clause brought my sister and me our first firearm, a .22 LR that we promptly used on New Year’s Day for an Oregon high-desert rabbit hunt. As an adult, I have taken that early interest in firearms and hunting and flat-out blown it up into an obsession. It seems the more that I learn about firearms, the less I realize that I actually know—which of course leads me to continually learning and training—a self-proclaimed student of the gun.

With much of my firearm experience being in the fundamental development of shooting rifles, the past couple of years I have taken a strong interest in shooting a pistol. My interest is two-fold: The first reason is that I enjoy shooting a pistol at steel and hearing it ring, and the second is because as a concealed carrier, I want to understand my firearms limitations as well as my own as it relates to defensive situations.

My enthusiasm for skill development led me to Magpul Core to attend the “Handgun 1” course with the Director of Training for Precision Rifle Operations, Caylen Wojcik.

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NRA Basic Pistol Graduates- LOL Group Therapy

This month I had my first graduates as an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor with LOL Group Therapy. For participants, the NRA basic pistol course is an 8 hour course designed to teach students the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, ammunition, and shooting fundamentals.Sharon Preston of LOL Group Therapy

On the range, students learn range rules, shooting from the bench rest position, and two handed isosceles standing positions and even how to clean a pistol.

It is an honor to serve the NRA as an instructor and to work with LOL Group Therapy to ensure the continuation of shooting sports for generations to come.

To learn more about LOL Group Therapy and the courses that they offer visit their website at

NRA Instructor- Refuse to be a Victim & Basic Pistol

March 25th, 26th and 27th myself along with Sharon Preston, Linda Hanson and Sheila Larson of the Ladies of Lead Group Therapy LLC. attended the NRA Instructor Certification Course, Refuse to be a Victim Instructor Course and Basic Pistol Instructor Course.

As new graduates, we are all now qualified to teach the NRA Refuse to be a Victim and Basic Pistol Course. Within the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course, attendees are allowed the opportunity to learn about various pistols, cartridges, bullets and shooting positions. There is 8 hours of classroom instruction followed by 4 hours of range time.

Within the Refuse to be a Victim, attendees will learn to have an overall personal safety strategy in place, before it is needed. With topics covered including home security, personal security, automobile security, workplace security, and technological security.

For additional information contact Sharon Preston at Ladies of Lead, Group Therapy LLC at 541.788.5858 or .