We The People...

With the upcoming 2016 elections on the forefront of every American mind, I can’t help but beg the question; What makes America great?

This past month, I did a tremendous amount of reflection on this question specifically. The answer that I came to:

We the people make America great.

We the people have always made America great. Those that were willing to take a risk, make a sacrifice and take responsibility for their individual future ultimately reaped the reward of freedom.  We the people residing within the USA are free to pursue our hopes and dreams, practice religious freedom, speech and the right to keep and bear arms amongst other freedoms.

That landscape has changed tremendously in time and as a society, we are losing more freedom every day. Our culture is morphing into a state of complacency and entitlement. Sustaining our freedom and our way of life must start with each and every one of us as individuals.

A life dedicated and lived serving others, serving the greater good, the big picture, rather than what the individual wants is a life that creates legacy and change.

Think about this…

We are Americans, we are free to pursue our dreams, the only thing stopping each and every one of us from reaching our goals and living our dreams, simply put, is the limitations that we place upon ourselves.

What if someone took the time to show us that we do not have to live within our self-imposed limitations? What if someone took the time to demonstrate to us that we can conceive a goal, believe that it can happen and with effort, energy and a will to persevere, we can turn those dreams into a reality?

What if that someone is you? What if today, you gave someone hope, inspiration, encouragement and the educational tools to help them actualize success?

What if each and every one of us took responsibility for our own success and stopped blaming someone else for things not working out our way? I truly believe that weather you think you can do something or conversely, think you can’t, you are right.

In order to ensure the future of our time honored hunting traditions and shooting sports while leading the way in conservation of our greatest asset, our freedom, we must each stand up as leaders. First within our own families and then within our own communities, demonstrating to our fellow countrymen that are trying to strip our rights away from us, that we will not be shaken, that we stand united and we will uphold the constitution of the United States of America. That we the people are capable of not only surviving in this world, but thriving as self-sufficient citizens.

Take the time to mentor someone. Introduce them to shooting sports, take them afield and teach them how and why hunting is conservation. Empower them with knowledge and mental fortitude that they can live out their hopes and dreams. If we each take the time to inspire one person and they do the same and so on and so forth, the ripple effect will be felt by the world.

Let the world hear us as conservationists, sportsmen and patriots of this great nation. We will not be shaken, we are the greatest nation on earth and we will not continue to accept the path that we are currently heading. We as hunters have created the greatest conservation movement the world has ever seen, benefitting all wildlife and their habitat. We as gun owners have kept the safest communities and we the people will stand up to protect this beautiful way of life that makes America so great…

Cabela's Ambassadors Bring "Mountain Hunting" To The Midwest

Hoffman Estates, IL (April 25, 2015) – Cabela’s is hosting a special evening event with Ambassadors Kristy Titus and Rick Carone on Tuesday, May 19th.  The event will kick off with a meet and great opportunity, followed by a special seminar, “Mountain Hunting” to inspire your own dream hunt!  The evening will concluded with autograph and photo opportunities.  Cabela’s goodie bags will be given to the first 150 in attendance along with many more giveaways and prizes!

 Hunting the mountains and rough terrain that is encountered opens a whole new experience for hunters who live here in the Midwest. Please make plans to attend an inspirational and informative evening with Team Elk personality Kristy Titus, as well as Sheep Shape TV personality Rick Carone who recently scored a Muzzleloader World Record. 

Event Details

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

  • ·       6:30pm; Kristy Titus and Rick Carone Meet & Great
  • ·       7:00pm; “Mountain Hunting” Seminar
  • ·       8:00pm; Autograph & Photo Opportunity

Kristy and Rick are both passionate in the support of wildlife, habitat conservation and outdoor education. By sharing their adventures and love of the great outdoors, they hope to inspire others and give them the confidence to tackle the most demanding outdoor activities.

Visit www.cabelas.com/hoffmanestates or call 847-645-0400 for more information. Cabela’s Hoffman Estates, IL is located at 5225 Prairie Stone Parkway, Hoffman Estates, IL  60192 

Cabela’s Incorporated, the World’s Foremost Outfitter® of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, offers thousands of products, including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating and wildlife-watching gear, as well as clothing and outdoor-themed gifts and furnishings. The company is famous for its strong brand and world-renowned reputation for delivering quality merchandise, value and legendary customer service.


Swarovski Optik Announces Renewed Sponsorship

Swarovski Optik Digiscoping of the Year Cranston, Rhode Island - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, announces the renewed sponsorship of Kristy Titus. Kristy is a visible hunter with such organizations as Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Cabela's and is an editor for Western Hunter and Elk Hunter magazines. Since her sponsorship first began with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, Kristy became the Fitness Editor for North American Hunter magazine.

Growing up hunting in the rugged western mountains that sat in her backyard, Kristy developed an appreciation and respect for nature that she practices today in her career. She uses her experience and knowledge to educate others about the outdoors and the importance of staying healthy for hunting, all while being an advocate for wildlife and habitat conservation. Kristy also manages to find ways to work with non-profit organizations where she places an emphasis on making sure hunting remains a tradition that will be available for future generations.

"The number of women participating in the outdoors and shooting sports has been on the rise," Kristy Titus said. "Thanks to this increase, women are now playing an even larger part in conserving our nation's wildlife and their habitat. Together with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, sharing our passion and love of the outdoors with other women and children is helping to expand our community and create the next generation of hunters and conservationists."

Dean Capuano, Director of Communications for SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA said, "Our partnership with Kristy Titus has been great. She embodies all the aspects of a hunter that SWAROVSKI OPTIK as a brand promotes, passion, knowledge, inspiration and conservation. We look forward to continuing with her to help promote great messages to future generations of hunters."

Watch to see what Kristy is all about:



If you require any further information or photography please contact: 

Dean J. Capuano, Director of Communications 
2 Slater Road, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 
Tel. 800-426-3089 x2957, Fax. 877-287-8517 

The world belongs to those who can see beauty. 
Experience the moment! 


ACM Awards Show 2014

The Cabela's Family at the ACM Awards







Attending the 2014 ACM Awards in Las Vegas, simply put amazing. Blake Shelton and Cabela’s ambassador Luke Bryan hosting the biggest night in country music, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

The performances were, well some of the best that country music has to offer, Stevie Nicks joining Lady Antebellum got me out of my seat and screaming with delight. Country music legend, Garth Brooks, performance took me back in time to my glory days in high school. Everyone at the awards show was thrilled to join him in singing “Happy Birthday” to Merle Haggard for his 77th birthday.

After 30 years in country music and a non-stop top artist his entire career, the man of country music George Straight, took “Entertainer of the Year”. Talent like his has never before been heard by country music fans and possibly never be replicated.


When Florida Georgia line came on stage to announce the fan voted “New Artist of the Year,” I was back on the edge of my seat. Cabela’s ambassador Justin Moore was a nominee, he is our team, having lobbied for him on social media, when he was announced the winner, it really was a win for everyone in the country that loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Justin embodies our heritage and is working tirelessly to ensure the continuation of our great legacy.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Shawn Cassidy and RFDTV for the outstanding seats. Thank you so much!

ACM Folds Of Honor Bowling Tournament

The second annual ACM Folds of Honor Bowling Tournament sponsored in part by Cabela’s had some of the best in country music teamed up to help raise more than $50,000. Folds of Honor is a non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships and other assistance to the families of military personnel who have been wounded or killed in service to our country.

The evening of fun helped raise much needed funds to families Lee Brice and Josh Thompsonaround the country helping dreams to come true, hope and healing. Country music stars Katie Armiger, Lee Brice, Josh Thompson, Tim Dugger, Kenny Foster, Craig Campbell, Lewis Brice, Joel Crouse, Will Hoge and Ashton Shepherd all bowled alongside Folds of Honor Scholarship recipients.

What Women Bring to the Hunt

In the May/June issue of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Bugle Magazine, President and CEO, David Allen highlights the importance of women in the outdoors.

Women sharing their passion and love of the outdoors with other women and kids is creating a community and new family of hunters. RMEF invested more than $500,000 to fund 244 workshops giving women the opportunity to learn about hunitng and help them feel at home in the woods.

RMEF volunteers such as myself, Outdoor Life's Open Country Award winner Kati McCrae, the first ladies of of the Elk Foundation Vicki Munson, and Yvonne Decker and countless other RMEF volunteers and supporters are pouring themselves, heart and soul into creating a legacy to last for generations to come.

If you are not a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, join today at www.rmef.org.


Cabela's Christiana DE Grand Opening



The smell of fresh candy roasted nuts hung thick in the air, life sized animal scenes that are reminiscent of the pages in National Geographic decorate the store, the mass of shoppers were nearly shoulder to shoulder, some pushing carts, others carrying baskets, as families eagerly explored the 110,000 sq. ft. of shopping paradise; I had finally arrived the Grand Opening celebration of the Cabela’s in Christiana Delaware.

Hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts from near and far were all gathered here to find the latest and greatest in outdoor gear, shooting supplies, footwear, camo, guns, ammunition, archery and more. Inside each Cabela’s you will surely be able to find something for everyone.

Little Carin arrived at the store with her mother and said, “This is a boy store,” thankfully I was there to prove her wrong. You see Carin's mom brought her over to meet me and we had a nice chat about hunting, fishing and the outdoors and I showed her that girls can do it too and Cabela’s has everything for us girls, not just the boys.

My favorite part about Cabela’s Grand Openings is taking the time to talk to the kids in the store. Through the eyes of a child, the world is a very different place, having them talk about their own outdoor adventures that they have experienced; the striper and bass fishing tales, rabbit hunt success in the backyard, squirrel hunting stories with BB guns, how they shoot their bow and arrows, hunt for whitetail shed antlers only to find turtle shells and even the stories they have only dreamed about, for some it was moose hunting tales or cheetah hunts, all unique stories all special, all touched my heart.

The looks on the parents face when their child starts describing an adventure that they have led or dreamed about doing is priceless. Out comes the pictures of little ones being outdoors men and women, proud with their fish of the day or whatever pursuit they were after, even if that pursuit were simply a new adventure, finding some mud or scraping a knee.

I enjoyed sharing my adventures of climbing some of the steepest, roughest mountains in the world, seeing a star filled sky that is so brilliant it lights up the night, and walking through a forest of trees that are so big and grand you can’t stretch your arms around them.

Painting that picture of a not so distant land, a place that each and every one of them can and should venture to explore was a thrill for me, just as I was thrilled with the thought of finding a turtle shell on a shed antler hunt or catching a striper that is nearly my size or hunting the tiny Sika deer that apparently bugle like their cousin, the elk.

Other outdoor experts were also in the store sharing their adventures, Joe Teti, Co-Host of the Dual Survivor television show, Cameron Hanes, Under Armour Athlete and backcountry bow hunter and Sean Mann, Champion of Champions Goose caller were also there.

Across the nation, the love of our family, country, the tradition of hunting, fishing and the outdoors. It brings me a tremendous joy to see the faces of children when they come into a Cabela’s and see a life sized moose, wolf, big horn sheep or mountain lion for the very first time. Not only do these children get to see these animals, they come to realize that the adventure of taking on the outdoors all be it hunting, fishing, hiking or camping can be a reality for them if it is something that they have never before experienced.  Within each child and grown up, Cabela’s is building a dream and offering the gear and the expert guidance from Outfitters to make each dream a reality.




Northwestern Outdoors Radio Show


John Kruse, host of Northwestern Outdoors Radio interviewed me at the Wenatchee WA Sportsmen Show. The interview aired on 54 Pacific Northwest regional radio stations.

During the interview, we discussed a little bit about myself, how I fell in love with elk hunting,  the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Team Elk Television Show, did a little elk calling demonstration discussing elk language and wrapped up the interview talking about my Rhodesian Ridgeback Kruger, Cabela's and the ACM Awards show and Turkey Season opening.

Cabela's OutfitHer Series


Cabela's OutfitHer Camo Collection

Strong, durable weather-resistance built just for her. The OutfitHer™ Series complements a woman's figure to deliver comfortably-fitted hunting apparel. Fill tag after tag knowing you're wearing OutfitHer™ - your most reliable hunting partner.

"The Snow-covered mountain peaks can take your breath away with their beauty, but they also can chill you to the bone if you're not properly prepared. That's why I wear Cabela's OutfitHER™ Dry-Plus jacket and pants when I'm hunting. They offer the best waterproof and breathable protection from the elements. Inside the soft, quiet shell of both pieces is a warm, comfy liner. The jacket hood cinches down tight, keeping the chilling wind off my head and neck, and the length is just right, preventing it from riding up and over the waist strap on my backpack."
Kristy Titus
Cabela's Ambassador

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