Out West with Kristy Titus Exended Stay Backpacks


The latest video blog from Out West with Kristy Titus on the Realtree.com website, features me on an extended stay Mountain Goat hunt in Northern British Columbia where I share some tips that I learned from Bryan Martin about the best options and features to look for in a hunting pack for extended stays. Check out the blog with the link here:






Out West with Kristy Titus with MagPul Dynamics




My latest Realtree.com Out West with Kristy Titus vlog is about understanding the limitations of your shooting skills and your rifle, as well as the ballistics of the cartridge you are shooting is critical to becoming a better long range marksman or markswoman. I am joined by precision rifle experts Caylen Wojcik and Duane Liptak of Magpul Dynamics.







Realtree.com “Out West with Kristy Titus" Trail Cams for Elk

August 22nd the latest installment of my Realtree.com blog series “Out West with Kristy Titus” is now available to watch on the realtree.com website. In this video blog I will share some tips on using minerals and bait stations along with trail cameras to scout and hunt elk early season.
I will be heading back to the woods later this week in pursuit of bull elk. Good luck to all of you out there in the woods!


Out West with Kristy Titus- Bullet Selection for Western Big Game

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to share with all of you the latest "Out West with Kristy Titus" Realtree.com video blog. Choosing the right bullet for your Western Big Game hunt can be a daunting task. In this blog titled "Bullet Selection for Western Big Game" I will share with you some basic information that you will need to make the task easier.

Bullet selection requires that you consider the type of game you are hunting, the caliber of your rifle and the expected distances that you will be shooting. Bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, sectional density and barrel twist rate all come into play when choosing a bullet.


I hope that the tips provided in this video blog will help you select the correct bullet for your next Western Big Game hunt.


Happy Hunting,





Out West with Kristy Titus- Team Titus Coyote Hunt & Tips





Hi Everyone,
I am excited to announce that the latest Out West with Kristy Titus, Realtree.com video blog is live. This blog features some coyote hunting tips with my fellow Titus family members, Tim and Ben who run predator and varmint  hunts as well as a predator focused website No-Off-Season Website . They are excellent sources of information for coyote and bobcat hunting.
In the video, Tim and his son Ben, who is only 16 years old, share their basic coyote hunting tactics from start to finish. Everything from your approach to the stand, wind direction, calling tips, the tutorial will get anyone started hunting coyotes successfully. To finish it off, I drop the hammer on a coyote, putting all these great tips to work.
I hope that the tips in this video help increase your success during your next Coyote hunt.

Happy Hunting,







Out West With Kristy Titus-Realtree.com Blog Series Introduction


Hi Everyone,
My new video blog series on Realtree.com “Out West with Kristy Titus” recently launched. This the first video blog in a series of 15 tips and serves as a basic introduction to who I am and how I grew up and what you all can look forward to from the blog.
Upcoming topics include:
Predator Hunting
Gear for Backcountry Trips
Knowing/Researching New Public Land Areas
Mental & Physical Fitness
Bullet Selection for Western Big Game
Equipment & Clothing for Women
Basics in Elk Calling
Backpack Essentials
Glassing Techniques
Shot Limitations
De-boning Game in the Field
GPS Basics
Packing with Horses and Mules
I appreciate the continued support and am looking forward to an exciting 2012!!!