Bugle Magazine- Team Elk Featured Member

Sometimes the word honor is simply not enough to describe how you feel. I am beyond honored to be a featured member of Team Elk and have the opportunity to share with you my most recent interview with the Rocky Mountian Elk Foundation’s Bugle Magazine. Within the pages of the September/October issue you will get an opportunity to learn a little more about me, how I was raised and share with you my love of elk hunting. Working with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundaiton and Team Elk is truly a dream come true. 




Women's History Month

 March is officially women’s history month and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has made special tribute to women in hunting and conservation. I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be listed amongst some of the most influential women in hunting and conservation. It is because of each and every one of you that we are able to work together towards the common goal of conservation and outdoor education. Enough gratitude simply cannot be given for your unwavering support throughout the years. Thank you for believing in me, as a proud member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Team Elk, I am looking forward to serving as a female ambassador, helping to ensure the continuation of the hunting and outdoor heritage for generations to come.




Swarovski Optik Announces Sponsorship of Kristy Titus



There are moments throughout life that are monumental; moments that reflect experiences, dedication, passion and unrelenting drive.  These are the moments that we often dream about with the hopes that one day, that dream will become reality.

This week has been that dream come true when Swarovski Optik officially announced their support and sponsorship of me. Words simply cannot express how deeply grateful and honored I am to be part of the Swarovski Optik family.

With a shared passion and love of the outdoors, I am looking forward to working together with Swarovski Optik in the promotion of education, conservation and resource stewardship, helping to ensure the continuation of our hunting heritage for generations to come.

By sharing my experiences, it is my ultimate hope to inspire others and reveal the beauty of the world with the eyes of a hawk.

Kristy Titus


Outdoor Wire Press Release




Elk Hunter Magazine's Newest Hunting Editor


I am honored to announce that I am now the newest Hunting/Nutrition Editor for Elk Hunter Magazine!
Elk Hunter Magazine is a new magazine that was created by several Elk hunters and highly respected western hunting industry professionals. Elk Hunter Magazine, its founders, and editors are firmly committed to fair chase hunting and conservation of wild, free-ranging Elk. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and share, as well as to make our readers better hunters, more thoughtful sportsmen and dedicated conservationists.
Current Elk Hunter Magazine Editors are Ryan Hatfield, Nate Simmons, George Bettas, Mike Duplan, Randy Ulmer, Chris Denham, Jay Scott, Tony Bynum and Dan Staton. Click the link below to read the press release.
Thank you everyone for all of your past and current support. Here's to an amazing 2012 and beyond!!!