NRA News- I Am Forever- Streets Paved with Gold

I Am Forever is the story of the American dream, told from three perspectives.

In Episode 3, "Streets Paved With Gold," Nick recounts the stories he'd heard as a Greek child about America's limitless riches: the streets, they said, were paved with gold, and all you had to do was reach down and pick it up! Upon realizing the truth, Nick broke out into tears—"They lied to us, mom," he cried. But now, he says, "It wasn’t a lie at all." There is gold in our streets, after all: opportunity.

Meanwhile, the women face solo navigation cross-country for several miles. It's their toughest challenge yet—and their greatest opportunity.

Guests: Cam Edwards, Seton Motley, Charles Cooke, Caylen Wojcik, Andrew Langer, Luke Carrick, Cody Carroll, Faith & Jessi.