RMEF Team Elk- An Early Start

The rough landscapes of the Missouri Breaks in Eastern Montana of deep draws, rock outcroppings and dense sage brush offer the perfect habitat for mule deer to flourish. It’s late November and the ground was covered with a dusting of snow, the rut was in full swing. The colder the temperatures, the better the hunting and with single digit mornings, we were in for some great mule deer hunting.

Beginning Thursday July 10 at 10:00AM, Saturday July 12 at 6:30PM and Sunday July 13 at 6:30PM watch two bright young ladies Kendal Compton and Sydney Soueidi brave sub-zero temperatures in pursuit of November Mule Deer bucks in Eastern Montana and get fired up to take a kid hunting this fall. This is the future of our time honored traditions, today we are creating a legacy for tomorrow.