The Extra Mile- North American Hunter Magzine


The North American Hunter Magazine is circulated to nearly 1 million households around the world taking pride in being in the know in regards to all things hunting. Everything from finding that big buck in your woods or planning the next big hunting adventure.

North American Hunter Magazine has underwent a huge facelift, now featuring a large format, a true hunting lodge table top magazine featuring three newly added sections, a hunting section, an outdoor section and hunt club content. With all of these changes, I am honored to announce that NAH has added me to the list of magazine editors as fitness editor with a column entitled The Extra Mile, to the now seasonal publication.

The Spring/Summer issue, featured Spring Training Preparing to hunt black bears and maul the mountains one step at a time.

You are all invited to visit and see for yourself how North American Hunter Magazine has changed.

I hope that you enjoy the new NAH Magazine.

All my best,