RMEF Team Elk- The Golden Age of Elk Hunting

The love of wild places and desire to not only protect those wild places but make them better than ever, stirred something in the heart of John Caid some 37 years ago. John is arguably the most experienced elk and wildlife biologist in the world having spent 35 years managing the White Mountain Apache Tribe Game and Fish Department and now for the past two years the Express UU Bar Ranches in New Mexico.

An RMEF member since 1985, and former Chairman of the Board, John has lived a life demonstrating exactly how Hunting is Conservation. Because of RMEF, its members and supporters, elk numbers are on the rise thanks to sound management efforts, from people like John Caid, permanently protecting land, enhancing habitat, and the re-establishment of elk herds in historic ranges.

In John’s book, The Golden Age of Elk hunting, he shares stories dating back to the 1940’s of some of the largest elk ever harvested, a historical perspective of trophy programs, hunting statistics, articles and essays on antler development, and even elk hunting tips.

To say that I was excited to share the mountain in pursuit of a management bull elk on the 180,000 acre Express UU Bar Ranch with John is an understatement. Stay tuned and see for yourself how John and the Express UU Bar are working diligently to create a new and improved habitat management program coupled with a completely revamped wildlife management program. Striving to continually benefit not only elk but all of the wildlife found on the UU Bar and surrounding area resident wildlife including those found on our public lands.

Be sure to tune into season 5 of RMEF’s Team Elk airing on the Outdoor Channel and find out exactly why today we are truly living in the Golden Age of Elk Hunting