2014 Wild Sheep Foundation Ladies Luncheon


Rhinestones & Rodeo

The Wild Sheep Foundation Ladies Only Luncheon is without a doubt one of the best events of the year. Event organizers Kelli Thornton, Pauline Rupp, Mickie Jefferson and the entire ladies luncheon committee pay close attention to the tiniest of detail making this year’s Rhinestones & Rodeo theme an absolute hit, all brought to us by Cabela’s.

Attendees were greeted at the door by cowboys serving glasses of champagne welcoming us into the marvelous room filled with silent auction and raffle items.  It is so awesome to have a room full of women with a shared passion for the outdoors and our hunting heritage.

This was a great opportunity for women to network, share business cards, stories and make friends. Everyone shared in laughter either watching or riding the mechanical bull. Many even got up and danced as Midnight Riders performed live.

Tables were perfectly decorated and everyone went home with a goody bag, including a “Red Solo Cup” wine glass.  Rachel Ahtila was this year’s guest speaker sharing a few of her experiences as a woman coming up in the industry and becoming a professional hunting guide.

The luncheon was finalized with a live auction where up and coming artist Madison Drinkall’s donation, a pencil drawing titled “Home in the Mountains” sold for $7,600. Madison was born into a well known outfitting family in the mountains of British Columbia, hence the inspiration for her awe inspiring piece. It really was a profound moment to see the tears of joy welling from her eyes at the outpour of support from the women in the room. We all witnessed a young women’s dream come true.

Our mission as women hunters and shooters is to educate, empower and inspire others with the ultimate goal of giving others the confidence to try out new outdoor activities including hunting and shooting sports. I was proud to be at this luncheon filled with a room of remarkable women as an ambassador for Cabela’s who contributes so much in order to help ensure the continuation of our time honored traditions ensuring a timeless legacy.