July 8th WOD


Into Nature....

Today for the second part of my workout, I stepped into nature. Adventure is always the most fun way to get in a good workout and this girl lives for adventure.

Often times people get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of home life and "To Do's" that they feel like they don't have time for that evening walk or a little bit of exploration. The reality of  life is that we don't have time to wait on doing those things, we have to make time.

Today, take some time this evening and instead of sitting in front of the couch with your kids/husband/boyfriend/dog, get outside breathe some fresh air, have a little adventure, go somewhere new.

Maybe you have lived in the same town all of your life and feel like you are in a rut? Head to your local book store and pick up a book about area hikes or geographic attractions and start going to all the places that you have never been in your own backyard.

Adventure lives inside you but you must take the time to live it...


90 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

30 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report:

Calories: 1002, Average Heart Rate: 139, Average Intensity: 50%, WillPower: 8.2


Lava River Caves- 2 Miles

Pilot Butte- 2 Miles