July 25th WOD


Quitting is not Acceptable...


Getting into "sheep shape" is as much a mental task as it is physical. Trekking up miles of mountains day after day wears out not only your body but your mind. With that being said, you must train both the mind and the body to fatigue under grueling conditions.

Climbing stairs with a 60# pack on is by no means a good time, especially when you could be doing something else. Getting mentally beyond that is a must. Sure it sucks, it may be hot, you might want to go do something else but when you step foot on that mountain, you have no options. You must bear the load and keep moving forward, looking at your journey, a single step at a time instead of mile upon mile.

Learning to take each step as an accomplishment will help your mind positive. Letting your mind start to wander to "I am never going to make it up that" or "how much farther" or "I am so tired" etc will only lead you down the path towards mental failure.

I promise you that if you allow your mind to fail, your body will follow.

A single step is success. Place one foot in front of the other, dig deep and keep moving. Even if you move slow, you are making progress towards reaching the tops of the highest of peaks. Keep moving at a steady pace. Taking long or frequent breaks will tire you out faster and you will start to really "feel" those aches and pains. Move slowly if needed, be deliberate and keep going.

The same principal applies in your training as on the mountain. It may suck but you are much better to suffer physically at home during your training sessions where you can lick your wounds so to speak in a comfortable environment and to nearly kill yourself on the mountain and spend your dream hunt in agony.

When on the mountain, you may crawl, fall, puke, cry, bleed or live in pain but quitting is never an option. Get real, get tough and train. The body can only achieve what the mind can believe.



75 Minute Stair Climb with 60# backpack.

Armour 39 Report:

Average Heart Rate: 144, Average Intensity: 56%, Calories: 684, WillPower: 7.5