July 12th WOD



Today I feel so alive! My life is on fire and I hope that yours is too! It seems to me like people get in such a rush to get "somewhere" that they forget to enjoy exactly where there are, who they are with and what they are doing.

Today take the time during your day to take a deep breath, enjoy the exact moment that you are in.

Tonight, when you go to bed, get as comfortable as you can, lay in your bed and just enjoy the moment that your head is resting on the pillow, just before you doze off to sleep. Feel your body relax and fade into your slumber.

This weekend, get together with a friend and laugh your head off. Do something adventurous or silly. Have some FUN!!!

When something upsets you get angry and take it out on the gym. Get really angry and workout really hard! Vent all of that negativity out of your body. Don't hold on to it.

Most of all, be alive, love those around you and be kind. Life is too short for anything else but spectacular.


60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

40 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report:

Calories: 831, Average Heart Rate: 139, Average Intensity: 50%, WillPower: 7.5