July 9th WOD


It's in the doing...

It's pretty simple, if you are full of excuses to why you can't get your workout in, you will never achieve your health fitness goals.

Fitness is in the doing. Not once a week or even twice a week. The body is made to move, it is made to work. The body is designed to be lean, fit, active and healthy.

If you want a hard, lean, fit, healthy body, then everyday you must make the time in your life to help you achieve or maintain your fitness goals.

Get to the gym, get outside, it doesn't matter what you are doing...as long as you are doing something.


Oregon Crossfit

WOD: 12 min of work, 30 seconds of abmat sit ups, 30 seconds of rest, 30 seconds of rowing, 30 seconds of rest repeat 6 times. Total number of reps

Challenge: 5×1 Snatch Balance + Over Head squat(pause 3 seconds in the bottom of OH Squat, at least two warm up sets, slightly heavier than last week)

Place: 1st rib mash with peanut or lax ball, 3 minutes each side