June 21st WOD


Been on a Mountain...Train for the Mountain.

Training for the mountain...this past week I have been climbing the rugged mountains of Idaho in pursuit of black bear.

Today was my first day in a gym since my last WOD entry. The gym is a place that I am going to get real cozy with over the coming few weeks. My spring hunting season has come to a close and I am "home" for a few weeks before my summer sheep hunt begins. Time to get in sheep shape!!!!

Been on the mountain...train for the mountain...

The coming few weeks, I am making my personal vow to be a gym animal! Today, that animal was in a hotel gym that only has cardio equipment. I got it done...

Next week, will be filled with daily doubles so stay tuned!!! Time to train my body so that I enjoy those landscapes where the mountains really do meet the sky.


75 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report-

674 Calories, 141 Average Heart Rate, 52% Average Intensity, 7.1 WillPower