June 11th WOD


No Stopping...

Sometimes it feels like every step that I take towards improving my current level of fitness is really like taking a step backwards.

Road trip after road trip I find it difficult to stay on top of getting in my workouts. I honestly feel that my body is best suited for 3-4 hours of hard work everyday be it in the gym, hard core backpacking or hunting the rugged western landscapes.Anything short of that leaves me feeling like I haven't done enough.

This has been catch up week for me after having been on the road for a month and it has been difficult to break away from my "To Do" list to make the gym.

With that being said, busy is not an excuse for me, at least not when I am at home and I have complete control of my life. I got my workout in tonight, late but it was done. One small step in the right direction. Tonight, I am going to be earlier than usual so that I am able to get up early and get my workout in before I hit the desk. :-)


75 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

Armour 39 Report:

667 Calories, 144 Average Heart Rate, 56% Intensity, 7.3 WillPower