May 28th WOD

Back at it...

 Okay, I have not fallen completely off the face of the earth, however, I have been in British Columbia black bear hunting since the 10th of May.

I am officially, back at it. Training that is. Hunting the past few weeks has not put in me better shape than I started. Unfortunately, I am probably more than a little behind the fitness curve right now.

To kick start my return to the US and back into my workout routine, I met up with my good friend Bryan Martin for a hike in Kamloops British Columbia.

On our hike we climbed 2,050 verticle feet. Let's just say that after resting my body so well over the past few weeks, this hike wrecked me at first.

The beginning is always the hardest and 3/4 of the way up, I got my "legs" back and felt great. We even were so blessed to encounter a band of 22 California Bighorn Rams. You know you have climbed some serious elevation when you are higher than the sheep! This was a great hike to get back into my fitness routine.


2050 Verticle Feet Mountain Climb