April 25th WOD


B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L You...

Growing up, I was a chunky tomboy that was never the graceful or talented prom queen, cheerleader type. When I graduated high school, I buried my self in school, work and volunteering and found myself at my heaviest weight that I had ever been; and boys, ha! What boys? I didn't so much as talk to one for the four years following high school. I couldn't even keep up with my dad on hunting trips.

There are times in our lives that are pivitol moments, that change who we are and how we think of ourselves. It was like a switch went off inside me and I made the decision to CHANGE. I wanted to love myself, to feel beautiful and most importantly get healthy. My journey towards better health fitness was a long bumpy road and it took me years to feel beautiful.

Beauty and feeling beautiful can be very difficult for us ladies. Being 30 something and having been knocked over a few times by unkind words from others and negative self talk, I have learned to love my own version of beautiful.

My weight can fluctuate by 10 pounds and I find myself perfectly happy and feeling beautiful in yoga pants and a baseball cap. That has taken me my lifetime to accomplish. I LOVE the fact that I no longer feel the need to get all done up to go to dinner or the grocery store or anywhere for that matter. I am beautiful, with all my flaws.

For me, the feeling of beautiful is in part ignited and fueled by my workouts. That feeling of accomplishment is what keeps me coming back to the gym or making the time in my day to get outside and use my body, to be active and healthy.

Today, I did a photo shoot in studio for Cabela's and that little insecure girl that is tucked away inside of me giggled with delight when she saw the photos that were taken of ME looking BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes we just have to be kind to ourselves and try to see ourselves through the eyes of someone else.

Be your own kind of beautiful, no matter what that looks like.

Tonight, I made sure to get in my workout in the hotel gym because it just feels good.


70 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical