March 23rd WOD

When you get bucked off that horse, dust yourself off and get back on!!

I find myself always wanting more...always having goals that I am continually working towards achieving. My problem is that I often reach one goal, then set a new goal, often times letting my previous achievement slip a bit and then I have to go back and reclaim my previous success.

 This is a maddening cycle I find especially true in regards to my health fitness. I do workout year round, however, I am not 100% diligent in my workouts and nutrition protocol year round.

There seems to be that slip for me in hunting camp where I find myself eating the bacon and eggs and not putting in the needed miles or pushing myself quite as hard as I need to in order to work off all of the yummy food that I am eating. Then right around the corner is trade show season...double whammy in testing your commitment to health fitness.

The battle of the hunting/trade show season bulge seems to be never ending for me. This fall/winter, I held great intentions of not packing on an unnecessary 10 pounds. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I fell into bad habits and yes, I put on the LBS.

Growing up I was always told when a horse bucks you off, you dust yourself off and get back on. So, I'm  back on!!

Everyday that I get my workouts in and eat well balanced nutrient rich foods, I am one day closer to my version of "perfection".


90 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Smith Machine Bench Press- 1 Warm Up Set; 2 Sets to  Failure at 7

Smith Machine Pec Flys- 2 Sets to Failure at 7

Tricep Rope Push Down- 1 Warm Up Set; 2 Sets to Failure at 7

Dips- 3 Sets to Failure

Push Ups- 3 Sets to Failure