Stand and Fight for the Second Amendment

Today I urge you all to take the time to write your individual State legislator(s). Locating your states representatives is an easy process, simply "Bing" or "Google" -Example: Find Oregon State Legislature; and you you will receive a link like this one from Oregon that will provide you with each legislators name and contact information.

Let your voice be heard today!! Below is a copy of the letter that I sent to my Oregon legislatures based off of Executive Vice President of the NRA Wayne LaPierre's recent speech. Feel free to copy.

To Whom It May Concern,

I deeply care about my second amendment freedoms in the United States. The second amendment lies at the very heart at what this country was founded upon. Our founding fathers knew that without the second amendment ALL of our other freedoms could be at jeopardy.

I agree with the NRA and feel that an armed and trained police or security officer should be present at EVERY school in America. A parent dropping their little one off at school would have that security seeing that police car in the parking lot, knowing that officer is there to protect their child. Gun free zones only restrict law abiding citizens. Restricting magazine capacity and firearms types only affects law abiding citizens, not criminals. We need to take steps that actually work like prosecuting violent criminals, improving security in our schools, fixing the mental health system, removing dangerous people off of the streets.

Start allowing the records of those whom have been adjudicated mentally incompetent and dangerous into the current National instant check system that is currently used at the point of firearms purchase.

Banning, taxing and taking from the law abiding citizen is NOT okay. Demonizing law abiding American gun owners is NOT okay. All gun owners are NOT potential criminals in waiting. STOP treating the law abiding citizen like we are!!!

What is good for the goose is not good for the gander. You cannot restrict law abiding citizens of the rights to defend themselves, meanwhile not following the same rules and regulations that your are proposing on your own personal security systems. As a single woman living alone, my only means of security is the second amendment when the glass breaks in the middle of the night, I have the right to defend myself.

If you limit my access to semi-automatic technology and high capacity magazines you are directly limiting my ability to defend myself. You do not have the right to take that right away!!!

In regards to universal checks, they are not reasonable!!! Criminals, the mentally adjudicated and dangerous will never be a part of this process. There are currently 23 states that are putting in virtually no records into the National instant check system and many that are putting in none! This new universal check is really universal registration and is only being asked for, not to protect me from the criminals and mentally dangerous and unstable but to make me a law abiding citizen forced to be a part of a list that I believe in the future, you will use to confiscate my guns.

I do not want my name on a massive Government list that can be used in conjunction with my address with a potential list of all of the firearms that I own in my home. That list would put me in grave danger should it reach the hands of gang members and criminals. This entire process makes me fear my own Government like I fear no criminal.

Law abiding citizens should not be asked to surrender rifles, shotguns and handguns. These are guns that have been passed down for generations or legally purchased.

As Americans, we all want the same thing, criminals with guns to be prosecuted, the gun laws that are on the books right now to be enforced against felons with guns, against drug dealers with guns and against gangs with guns. If that were done and those violent criminals were off the streets and in prison, we would all be safer.

This legislation must be pulled from consideration and it is time to implement programs that address the real problems in a real and meaningful way. Put police in our schools, enforce our federal gun laws that are on the books right now, incarcerate violent criminals, rebuild our broken mental health system. Get the mentally ill help by getting them off the streets and getting them into treatment. Leave us good, honest, law abiding citizens ALONE!!!

This is political hypocrisy. I will unflinchingly defend my constitutional rights, I will not be dooped, I will not be demonized and I will not be divided from the rest of the United States that stand with me. Together we will fight to preserve the liberty that was handed to us intact. The second amendment that ensures my very freedom. I am proud to defend that freedom!

As a lawful gun owner, I deserve nothing less than the respect as people that believe in my own individual rights, believe in individual responsibility, believe in protecting my family, and believe in defending our country.


Kristy Titus