RMEF Team Elk Season 4- Girl Hunters MT Mule Deer

Girl Hunters RoCk...

The rough landscapes of the Missouri Breaks in Eastern Montana of deep draws, rock outcroppings and dense sage brush offer the perfect habitat for mule deer to flourish. It’s late November and the ground was covered with a dusting of snow, the rut was in full swing. The colder the temperatures, the better the hunting and with single digit mornings, we were in for some great mule deer hunting.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s President/CEO David Allen with Julie & Jessica NeilsonDavid Allen invited me to take afield four young ladies that all enjoy the outdoors and a spirit for hunting. Not just pretty faces here, these girls were tough and many giggles were shared and songs sang while tracking down mule deer bucks in the freezing cold. The excitement and anticipation of the hunt was a thrill for everyone.

Sydney Soueidi and Kendal Compton glassing for bucks.





Watching these young ladies help one another throughout the hunt was one of the most rewarding feelings that you can have as a mentor. This was a hunt that taught some great life lessons in perseverance and positive mental attitude; helping one another spot deer, track in the snow for hours and even pack heavy quarters over miles of terrain in single digit temperatures. The bonds that the girls forged will literally last a lifetime.Me, Kendal Compton and Sydney Soueidi packing out quarters.

These young ladies are a big part of the future of hunting and conservation. The memories that they take home and share with other young adults will help to grow a community of new hunters that are well equipped with outdoor skills, hunting ethics and conservation principals.

Hunting with 15 year old(s) Kendal, Julie and Sydney and 17 year old Jessica for mule deer was a trip that will never be forgotten by any of us and will be shared with everyone on the 2014 season of Team Elk airing on the Outdoor Channel.

Julie Nielsen all smiles with her buck.Kendal Compton with her stunning buck.Sydney Soueidi and her first buck! Way to go!!!