October 3rd WOD

Finding Discipline, Courage and Commitment...

This morning I was speaking to a high school football player about why he had not been lifting in the weight room before school. His response was that it was "too hard on his body." His reasoning was that going to the gym and football practice was too much for him in a day and that I have it "easy" with simply weight training.


Really, how about the nearly two hours of cardio that I do after I lift not to mention the 8-12 hours that I will spend on the mountain during my hunts, sometimes with 70+ pounds on my back.

Too hard??? Really!?!

In the same conversation, he asked me how I became a professional hunter. My answer, was discipline and commitment, never losing sight of my goal and always remaining committed not matter the cost.

Do I get tired training for the mountain? Sure. Do I quit? Never.

What does one do when the training gets tough? They have the discipline, commitment and the courage to keep going. Without that, your goals will never be achieved.

When others can hear you set a goal and know that you will achieve it because you are a person that is disciplined, committed and ultimately always successful; that in itself is the greatest reward.

Get out there and quit making excuses. Put on your big boy/girl pants and get to work!!!


55 Minutes Stair Climber

35 Minutes Elliptical