October 2nd WOD

Lift Like A Boss..

My new trainer is a hard driving, relentless athlete and of course, he expects the same thing from me. I call him "The Boss" and so it seemed fitting to talk about lifting like a boss.

A lot of women are afraid of the weight room because they are afraid of getting "big or bulky." Let me tell you ladies, the only things that are going to make you big and bulky are sitting on the couch and having poor eating habits. I know countless women who are afraid to pick up a weight but have no problem putting down dessert.

Ask yourself this...How many women do you know that hit the weights in the gym that are "big and bulky" vs. the women you know that hit dessert and the couch on a regular basis? Guaranteed, you know more big bulky ladies from desert and inactivity than the weight room.

That aside, lifting weights aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, increases bone density PLUS the more muscle you have, the more you increase the calorie burning capability of your body and to top all of it off, you will have smaller HARDER body! Say goodbye to the jogging jiggles!!!

With there being not a con in the world against weight training, I say..."Act like a lady but lift like a boss." I thank my trainer "The Boss" everyday for pushing me for more in every workout.


Back Day…

Wide Lat Pull Down 3 x 10

Seated Row 3x10

DB Row 3x 10

DB Shrugs 3x 10

Back Extensions 3x 10


Abs between sets, 1 Minute Jumping Jacks between exercises

45 Minutes Stair Climber

55 Minutes Elliptical