October 19th WOD


Taking Charge for Change...

Just because it's the weekend does not mean that you should slack off. The weekend is a great time to take charge of your goals and begin the change that you desire.

Don't waste another day thinking "If Only..." do something today. Take charge and make the change that you would like to see.



35 Minute Jog

8 Minute Abs-

     -40sec crunch/flutter kicks/front plank/v-ups

     -40 sec prone sit-ups/v-flutters/R-side plank/ lunge outs

     -40 sec side crunch/ raise leg circles/L-side plank/ window wipers

     -40 sec seal stretch after sets of 3

Mitt Work (Boxing Gloves)-

1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4's and slips