International Sportsmen's Exposition Sacramento CA






I was beyond thrilled, when ISE contacted me and asked me to present my seminar “Scouting Elk on Public Land” for the Sacramento show. I could hardly wait to share with attendees my public land experiences. I have been blessed to have learned about public land hunting from my father as a young girl and then later in life being fortunate enough to hunt with Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, the inventor of the palate plate diaphragm call that revolutionized how we hunt elk today and now with RMEF’s Team Elk.

Passing it along…

The thoughtful, caring folks that helped and mentored me changed my life and being able to share information with other hunters of my own personal lessons learned in the field is a dream come true. I believe that I am the FIRST  female to ever present such a seminar on elk hunting and I cannot put into words how honored I was to be on that stage talking about what I love doing the most, representing elk hunters across the country.  The greatest part for me was that I had nearly every seat in the room full and some standing on the sidelines, listening to what I had to say. 

It has been my ultimate hope to educate and inspire others helping to ensure that our great hunting heritage is continued for generations to come and for me, being on that stage was my contribution as a female hunter doing her part to conserve our great legacy.

The remainder of ISE, I spent with my good friends from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, Rockie Jacobsen, Misty Jacobsen, Jimmie Rizzo and Kurt Howard. Rockie, Jimmy & Kurt spent down time in the booth giving me new ideas, tips and tricks for more successful hunting of cougar and black bears on public land. I am looking forward to hitting the woods with some new skills to put to work and learn by trial and error until that great moment of success.

This is why our sporting expositions are so important. It’s a place where people can connect and share information, uniting hunters in a community. Once again, we are the future of our great legacy it is our responsibility to pass it on.