BC Stone Sheep & Mountain Goats




I am in Northern British Columbia right now coming off a 13 day backpacking Stone Sheep and Mountain Goat hunt. This has been an incredible journey with a crew of great people. I have been hunting with guides Bryan Martin of Canadian & Asian Mountain Outfitters and Chad Miller.
On this trip we saw Caribou, Moose, Mountain Goats and Stone Sheep while hiking from 3000-7500 ft elevations. When we began our hunt we had a 2 ½ day hike just to reach our hunting location experiencing sun, rain, more rain, thunder storms and snow while hiking over numerous mountain tops through glaciers and rock fields. All of our efforts were heartily rewarded. I filmed a hunter take a 10” Mountain Goat and a 43 ¾” gross score 170 Stone Sheep.
I was even able to film and harvest a 9” Mountain Goat at nearly 7000 ft elevation. He is a bit worse for wear in the photo after an approximate 300 ft fall down the mountain. To book this hunt contact Aaron Fredlund at Fredlund Guide Services 403.638.1368
Attached you will find a few of my favorite photos. To view the entire album click the link here on my facebook page.