Gritty Bowmen Accubow

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we meet with Kristy Titus, Jules McQueen and Jana Waller at the ATA Show to talk about Accubow. Accubow is an Archery Training Aid. 

These three ladies share their experience of using the Accubow and the features they love. 

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Gritty Bowmen at ATA Long Time Friends

I had a blast catching up with Gritty Bowmen Brian Call & Aron Snyder - We go way back, way before the Gritty Bowmen existed & before Aron became A-Aron. Aron built me my first extended stay Kifaru, International backpack over 5 years ago and Brian and I did the Full Draw Film School together. It's so awesome to see where we all came from, where we are and where we are going. Big goals on the move with all of us. These guys have been great friends over the years. It was great to do a little reminiscing. Tune in and hear some rowdy stories of my "non-friend" A-Aron's banquet escapades and more. 

A/Z Outfitters Mountain Lion Hunt

Hunting The Hunters- this barren land is only hospitable to the fiercest of predator. Here they not only survive but thrive. They are at home in the most miserable of conditions. Each year I return to this ice and snow covered land with the hope to take one of these master hunters off the mountain. The intensity found in this gaze matches the intensity in the pursuit. This female mountain lion is sheer killing power having successfully taken down a mature cow elk.