NRA News- Cam & Co.- ALL hunters and conservationists need to take 10 minutes to watch my latest interview with Cam Edwards where we discuss how Hunting Is Conservation- What the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is doing everyday on the ground to conserve wild places and wildlife PLUS learn a little bit more about what the NRA Hunters Leadership Forum is doing to stand and fight the anti-hunting narrative. Watch here...

Airing This Week

Season 6 Airing Now- This May 24-29 on RMEF's Team Elk, Rut It Up, Eric Siegfried, founder of OnXmaps hunts bull elk in New Mexico during the peak of the rut. Airing May 31-June 5- Team Elk Host, Brandon Bates returns to Montana with friend Scott Chester and tries to overcome a problematic moon cycle.  Airing on the Outdoor Channel- Tuesday 11:30PM, Thursday 10:30PM, Sunday 11:00PM EST.  

NRA News- I Am Forever- 

In Season 2 of I Am Forever, Kristy Titus brings two other women on a trek through the Cascade Mountains to rediscover the American Values critical to sustaining freedom for generations to come. Their journey is interwoven with stories from a man who has experienced the American dream and those who fear for its loss. Watch Here...

Check out the new I Am Forever Season 2 shooting/training videos, with guns by FN America and ammo provided by Federal Premium. 

Stance- MagpulCORE Instructor, Caylen Wojcik explains the most common shooting stances and what they offer in terms of stability.

Trigger Control- Understanding the stages of a trigger pull helps to ensure that the gun fires exactly when you want it to.

Magazine Reload- MagpulCORE Instructor,  Caylen Wojcik details different reloading techniques and strategies to optimize speed and ammo availability.

Grip- A correct grip with sufficient pressure is crucial for controlling a handgun and minimizing recoil.

Follow Through- Leaning the proper balance, rhythm and trigger handling needed for good follow-through with a rifle.

Natural Point of Aim- Adjusting your head and feet positions to fit your natural point of aim allows you to get on target without having to pause and adjust between shots.

Ball & Dummy Drill- The "ball and dummy" drill, in which the shooter does not know which rounds are live and which are not, is useful for instilling good trigger control.