RMEF Initiatives for 2016 and beyond...take a look. 

Hunters are the first crusaders in conservation, wildlife management and habitat stewardship. With more than 1.6 billion dollars generated each year by hunters and firearms owners to protect and conserve, it's a powerful message, one that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is telling in the Hunting Is Conservation social media campaign. Watch the latest episode of Cam & Company with Cam Edwards and learn more. 

Airing This Week

Season 6 Airing Now- This week on RMEF's Team Elk, It's Heritage, Episode 6, Join my father Lewis and I for a public land, DIY archery elk hunt in our home state of Oregon. Airing on the Outdoor Channel- Tuesday 4:30PM & 11:30PM, Thursday 10:30PM, Sunday 11:00PM EST.  

NRA Women Tips & Tactics- Positional Shooting- It's easy to get into a routine of shooting from the same position whether you're in a range or field setting. But the best way to test and improve your skills is to push yourself out of that comfort zone and shoot from different positions. In this episode of Tips & Tactics, sponsored by Cabela's Outdoor Fund, Kristy Titus explains how and why you need to integrate some unconventional positions into your shooting practice. Host Gabby Franco also has some ideas on how to test your shooting abilities in unique ways.