Airing This Week

Season 6 Airing Now- This week on RMEF's Team Elk, Here We Go Again, RMEF Co-Founder Charlie Decker is cutting up in New Mexico with good friends and supporters of RMEF. gAiring on the Outdoor Channel- Tuesday 4:30PM & 11:30PM, Thursday 10:30PM, Sunday 11:00PM EST.  

NRA News- I Am Forever- 

In Season 2 of I Am Forever, Kristy Titus brings two other women on a trek through the Cascade Mountains to rediscover the American Values critical to sustaining freedom for generations to come. Their journey is interwoven with stories from a man who has experienced the American dream and those who fear for its loss. 

In Episode 7- "Immortal Mountain," Nick recites a poem that we wrote when he was 16 years old. "Majestic, immortal mountain how I envy thee for I am man and I must die, while you immortal mountain live to see time go by."

That's what life is all about, he says. We're here for an instant-make the most of it. Embracing that spirit, the ladies tackle their fears, tie their own harness and rappel down a 200 ft cliff.