There is no more magical of a dance than that experienced on the mountain in pursuit of rutting bull elk. I was 13 years old the first time that I witnessed the thrill of calling in a bugling bull elk. My dad and I were hunting public land in Idaho when he called in a beautiful rutting bull elk to a mere 30 yards. That moment changed my life. Forever.

Elk calling and hunting is a part of me. Learning their language became an all-out possession for me in my early twenties as I set out to master the cow mew, chirp, estrous mew and bull location calls, challenge and display bugles. Taking second place in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations World Elk Calling Championships using Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, I won a beautiful Traditions muzzle loader.

In the latest RMEF Elk Network original, join me in New Mexico for a public land hunt for elk with this very special rifle hunting under the glory of the Hunters Moon.

Thank you for tuning in to watch Kristy Titus' premier episode to the Pursue The Wild digital series. Within this episode, Kristy and her father Lewis pursue archery elk on public land in Oregon with an over the counter general season tag. 

This episode is the heart of Kristy's family. Being in the backcountry together sharing time on the mountain, the miles traveled, close calls and missed opportunity. This is the essence to what drives Kristy and her father to return to the mountain year after year in pursuit of elk. 

The family bond and friendships forged on the mountain and the memories that are created, are priceless. This is the greatest gift that comes from the hunt, this is our legacy in action. We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as Kristy and her father did creating it.